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Music Monday: The Wrecks

I love this song. It’s got a very different, fun, frenetic sound. The Wrecks three song debut EP dropped last April and once radio stations heard it, this song started getting airplay. The Wrecks have only been a band for a little over a year, but based on that little three song debut they’ve already opened on a major tour with Nothing But Thieves. Enjoy the song and have a great Monday! ~Phil


Music Monday! Green Day is Still Breathing

Yes, after thirty years together, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Green Day is still breathing and still making good music. The elder statesmen of modern punk rock are one of my favorites and I’ll be seeing them again in about two months, so I thought I’d share their current hit single with you. You know they’ve become mainstream when they’re on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I’d love to interview them for #ThePhilFactor, so if anyone has any connections that could make that happen, let me know.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! You Know I Talk Too Much

Welcome to the new year! Although the title of this song by the Nashville based band Coin is pretty appropriate for me, it is not about me, but it is really catchy and hard to get out of your head once you’ve heard it. This song has been high on the alternative rock charts for most of the last six months. Enjoy!

Have a great Monday and a great start to the new year! ~Phil

Music Monday! Adam Sandler & The Hanukkah Song

I’m not Jewish but I still love this song. Happy Hannukah to all my friends who are lighting candles this week, and Happy Monday to everyone else. ~Phil

Music Monday! Christmas Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and…

As always, hilarious and there’s a few surprises if you haven’t seen it. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! A Christmas Song by Pentatonix?

Prior to today, I had never heard of Pentatonix, but in researching modern pop covers of Christmas classics, this a capella group from Arligton, Texas was unavoidable, so I gave them a listen. I think you’ll enjoy them. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! A Christmas Cover by Weezer

Oh Holy Night by Weezer

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Then and Now

I’m going to do something new with my Music Mondays. Rather than highlight a song I like, I’m going to feature an old popular song and the new modern remake by a contemporary band. Here we go….Then…1979…

And now..kind of…The Limousines from 2010. It’s not exactly a word for word cover, but an updated version of the same idea. A very cool song.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Wild Belle

Wild Belle is from Chicago and is composed of a brother and sister, Elliott and Natalie Bergman. You may not have heard of them, but you’ve no doubt heard them. They’ve been on Conan and had songs on the movie soundtracks of The Way, Way Back and Pitch Perfect.

The siblings collaboration came about unintentionally. From Wikipedia: “NOMO‘s Elliot Bergman had spent the better part of the summer building and recording electric kalimbas in Brooklyn, when label-mate, producer/multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee asked him to send over a kalimba track for his new album. Lee, based in London, added some funky drums, bass and a smattering of steel drums, and sent it back to Bergman. When Bergman’s sister, Natalie, heard the instrumental track destined for Shawn’s album, she decided that she had to add some vocals. She stayed up all night writing the tune and recorded the vocals in Garage Band. The happy result is a great groove called “Upside Down”, and NOMO’s first vocal tune in ages.¬†Elliott and Natalie decided to branch off with their own project and chose the name, Wild Belle.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Twenty One Pilots

This band will always hold a special place in my heart because fours years go I had never heard of them until someone hacked into ticket reseller StubHub and used my account to buy a bunch of tickets to see them. Since then, my ears aways perked up when I heard their name. Finally earlier this year I bought my own tickets to see them tomorrow.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil