I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me: Fun with Search Terms!

This is my quarterly public service reminder that whatever you put into an internet search box, someone somewhere is going to see it (and maybe make fun of it on their blog).

1. Horniestintheland.com: Seven times in the last 90 days someone has searched this and it brought them to my blog. Afraid of what I might find, I looked it up and it’s not even a website! Apparently Google thinks it’s my website. Seriously, click this Google link. It will show you that when I searched the phrase Horniestintheland.com links to my blog come up. What’s weirder is when you get to the Google page and click “Images” it brings up a page full of pictures from my blog.

2. Pennsylvania is weird: From the Captain Obvious department. Why does anyone even need to look this up? It’s related to this very popular post of mine earlier this year.

3. mind control cub scouts

zombie-cub-scout-21681534 picture credit: http://www.child-behavior-guide.com  It’s not the Zombie apocalypse we have to worry about, it’s the mind control cub scouts. Is someone controlling the cub scouts minds or are the cub scouts controlling our minds? Unrelated, I’m sure that Girl Scout cookies are a mind control drug and I’m hooked.

4. justin bieber in phil: Umm..no thank you. Not only do I not want Justin Bieber in me. I don’t want him in my country. I think we should have traded Bieber for Beau Bergdahl. I said that on Twitter yesterday and not one retweet! Are you kidding?!!? That’s comedy gold.

5. how to solve the shortage of yogurt in your shop: Of course the answer is to come to The Phil Factor! I keep all my extra frozen yogurt over there in the left sidebar.

6. what is it then what’s wrong why still delay woke up got outta bed drove a comb across my head: Well who doesn’t “drove a comb across” their head when they get up? A poorly worded search term about The Beatles brings you to me because my blog is The Beatles of blogs.

7. phillip taylor porn photos: I knew my past would catch up with me. I was young and naive. It started out as an innocent modeling gig. My porn name was Buck Naked. In the comments if you can tell me where I got that “Buck Naked” joke I’ll send you a free copy of one of my books.

8. http://www.sexyguypics: No surprise here. Am I right?

9. what is most appropriate answer of any sarcasm related to candy crush: Answer: The Phil Factor! I love that the the world wide web identified my blog as the answer to a search including “most appropriate answer of any sarcasm.” For the real answer to that question, come back  in five days for my Throwback Thursday post.

10. “cocker spaniel passed away”: Does someone think my blog killed their dog? Or maybe that my blog will revive their dog?

Just to make your Saturday complete, below is  the video of Rockwell’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me.” As always, I’d love it if you’d share the love by hitting the Facebook, Twitter or reblog button. Have a great weekend! ~Phil



16 responses to “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me: Fun with Search Terms!

  1. These are just priceless…… kinda makes me want to know what Google is smoking now a days

  2. Horniestintheland… Wicked mate. Just checked it out for myself on Google. Nice one.

    • I have no idea why, but I’ll take the extra website traffic. The fact that I mention it every three months ony blog probably has cemented the connection in Google’s algorithm, but who are these people that keep searching that phrase? Admit it Sean, it’s you isn’t it?

  3. If I could figure out Twitter, I would have retweeted like mad. Comedy gold, indeed!

  4. I went over to Twitter and favorited your tweet. By the way, being that I am ignorant in all matters of current events and rely solely on the Phil Factor to keep me updated, I had to Google Bowe Bergdahl myself. If others are like me this may be it wasn’t retweeted. That or a certain misspelling… Still think it’s comic gold.

  5. This just scares me – and the fact I’m always logged into google when I search, all of my searches are kept!

  6. Obviously your reputation preceeds you!

  7. Yeah – this is going to reveal FAR too much about me – but I piddled myself at no 4, 7, and 8.

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