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Hi! My name is…what? My name is…who? My name is… Slim Shady  Eminem 1999

Some authors use a pseudonym, a pen name. A made up name. I wrote my first three books using my real name. I thought, “Why not? It’s my name. I’ve had it my whole life and I’m proud of it.” A couple months ago I became aware of an author who had written some young adult category books. His name, or rather the name on his books, is Ransom Riggs. Obviously made up. Why would anyone name their kid Ransom? That’s like asking for him to be kidnapped. It may be made up, but it stuck in my head. It’s alliterative and has a catchy sound to it doesn’t it?

So I’m starting to wonder, would people remember me and my books sell better if I had a catchier name? Here’s what I want from you: Answer the one question survey below and if you have suggestions for a good pen name put them in the comments. If it turns out most people think I should go with a pen name I will then publish another survey with the pen names and choose one based on the vote, if I like the one that gets the most votes.

As always, feel free to share on social media if you think your goofy, brainiac friends will have some good ideas.


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  1. I like Phil Taylor. But what’s your middle name? Could you perhaps be P. G. Taylor as in Wodehouse?

  2. I’m not sure if you’re already aware but Phil Taylor is also the name of a professional darts player, who some feel is the greatest player of all time. So I would stick with your real name. Just maybe try and write a book about darts?

    • Yes, I’m well aware of Phil Taylor the darts player. I referenced him in a post last year. Good idea about the darts book though. Maybe I’ll make my next title include the word darts and if people buy the book thinking that I’m the other Phil Taylor that wouldn’t be so bad.

      • Exactly. And you can’t get in any shit over it as you’re using your real name! Or the alternative is to start a rumour on social media that Phil Taylor is an alias for Stephen King or some other multi award winning writer.

        By the way, regarding all the kerfuffle with the book, I just wanted to let you know that The Book Depository are currently offering a 21% discount, in addition to free worldwide delivery. And there’s definitely no issues with stock as other readers have sent me messages to confirm receipt. Phew!

      • Hmmm…I like your idea of starting a rumor. All I need is people to follow me on social media. As far as your book goes I’ll check with Amazon to see if I can cancel the order then I’ll order through the Book Depository.

      • Yeah, sorry about all that man. Not sure if you got the emails I sent you?

        Basically should never have listed it as the book is only being printed in the UK. Signing up for the worlwide print service would’ve sent the cost of the book up quite a lot. A friend of mine from Oz had no problem cancelling her order. In fact, I believe the message she received from said that they would cancel it on her behalf by June 20th or something…

        But yes, if you’re interested in a paperback version, you can get it from the BD today for about $10 all in.

        Thanks for the support.

  3. Out of all the things I will read today- for some reason I have the feeling that “Phil Taylor, the professional darts player” will stay in my mind. 🙂 I did not even know there were professional darts players.

  4. Female: Philomena Blacksmith, Suave: Trey Ellis, Nerdy: Edison Pickles, Evil: Lucifer Cobalt

  5. I already think your name is Phil Factor 1/2 of the time – my old brain forgets.

    • Sometimes I think it is too. I’ve used it as the name of my blog for so long it kind of feels like my “brand” as the marketing people would say.

  6. Phil! This is kind of funny…when you posted this it was driving me crazy because I knew that there was someone I knew who had a kid named Ransom and I couldn’t think of who it was. Funny enough, just today they put a FB post up of their kid Ransom. Of course, this person is just a friend of mine and not someone who would really matter to you, but what is funny is that the last name is alomost the same as Ransom Riggs, just add a ‘B’ to the beginning (my way of trying to protect the innocent). This just a coincidence I felt I had to share with you but pretty funny, huh?

  7. Ok, well, at this point you most certainly don’t want to change names for the genre you are writing in… it’s hard enough to get a following! You don’t want to lose any precious person. However, if you decide to write some different kind of book, I say then you really need to consider some of the names Marissa brought to the table. You never know, you might have a lurid romance in your future and a female pen name would be appropriate!

    • You make a very good point about not losing people. Unfortunately there are two other authors out there using my name too so I don’t want people getting confused and buying their books either.

      • Hmmmm. that is certainly a dilemma… Maybe adding an initial? Or three names like Phil Factor Taylor… then your blogging friends AND your readers will keep you in mind.

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