Top Ten Tuesday! My Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time

Now keep in mind that taste in music is very individual. Admittedly I have some odd choices and not very many classics. These are all in my iPod. Hopefully you’ll find a couple new songs to like that you didn’t know. How about in the comments you list your top 3 songs of all time?


Crazy Train (1980) Ozzy Osbourne– The opening is awesome.

Connecticut is For F***king (2005) Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse: Funniest. Song, Ever.

Dammit (1997)Blink 182– Just a great pop-punk song that I can’t help but jump to.

Basketcase (1994)Green Day– This is the song that made me love Green Day 20 years ago and they’re still my favorite band.

Stacy’s Mom (2003)Fountains of Wayne– Completely idiotic, but how do you not sing along to this?

Happy Hour (1986)The Housemartins– Awesomely happy, upbeat song. Fatboy Slim’s first band.

Banditos (1995)Refreshments: A cheesy song from the 90’s but I never get tired of it.

Hawaii 5-0 theme-The Ventures– In college whenever they played this at a bar we’d get up on the tables and dive into the crowd repeatedly for the duration of the song. Whenever I hear it I have flashbacks.

Just Like Heaven (1987)The Cure: When this first came out how many of you thought the line went “Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick. The one that makes me scream seasick”?

It’s Nice To Be Alive (2011)-Ballpark Music: If this song doesn’t make you feel happy when you hear it then you’re dead inside. If I could have this playing on a loop when you’re on my blog I would.

So what are your favorites? What are the songs that make you sing out loud in your car?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil




28 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! My Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time

  1. Yours are happier than mine:
    1. “Fake Plastic Trees” Radiohead
    2. “Teardrop” Massive Attack
    3. “April Come She Will” Simon and Garfunkel

  2. Just sent you an invite to our cabin on the Camp Nanowrimo site. Come join us!

  3. Phil. I love your immensely funny blog. I do not love your taste in music. And I’m sure you’d say the same about mine. But, hey, vive la difference!! Hope you have a “Just Like Heaven” day.

  4. 1. All songs from the movie Sound of Music!
    2. ‘The sound of silence…’ from The Graduate.
    3. Lara’s theme from Dr Zhivago.

  5. I’ve got the pistols, so I’ll keep the pesos.

    Yeah, that seems fair 🙂

    (I was just singing that the other day, great list!)

  6. celebrate the diversity.

  7. Something I’ve often tried to work out and always failed miserably!

  8. Dear Phil
    I am afraid that my song collection is not match yours…… I am too much pop culture kind of person…… and metal

  9. Sorry, I will have to limit my comments to literature and not music. My music knowledge is deplorable. So on to literature- I am enjoying the 50 shades book 🙂

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