Happy Independence Day!


That may or may not be my mustache. To my friends in the States, I hope you have a fun, injury-free Independence Day and enjoy the long weekend. To be honest, I love writing The Phil Factor. I’ve been doing it since 2005. I don’t just do it for the fun of it though. I’m sure you’ve noticed the banner at the top of my page and the book covers in the sidebar. Part of the reason I write The Phil Factor is I’m hoping that if you like me enough in small bites you might want to try one of my books. Since it’s a long weekend in the States, many of you may have some reading time on your hands, whether it’s at the beach or indoors as you wait for Hurricane Arthur to pass. If you’ve got an e-reader or an iPad, why not try one of my books? They are definitely weekend beach read kind of novels. Like a blind date, they’re funny,suspenseful and short. Here’s the synopses:


White Picket Prisons: A group of friends with a penchant for goofy nicknames return to their hometown for a funeral and what had been a melancholy, reunion quickly escalates into a fight for their lives with an enemy they didn’t know they had. Putting up with each others quirks with good humor they try to unravel a mystery that started thirty years ago. They unwittingly stumble and fumble their way into a life or death showdown that could kill them all. The question is not whether they will survive the bad guys, but will they survive each other? One reader likened the characters to “the kids from Stephen King’s classic ‘Stand By Me’ but grown up.”  Amazon $2.99 


The Sneaker Tree: Remember when you were a kid and you had that one magical summer that seemed to last a lifetime? Cooper and his friends don’t know it, but they are in the midst of a summer they will never forget. Their small town is paralyzed with fear as a serial killer preys upon children and The Golden Boys seem to be the only ones who have a chance to stop him. A life-long bond is forged between them as they confront each other, their worst fears and a killer that is more than anyone could possibly imagine. One reader said, “We need a 10-Star button. The Sneaker Tree is wonderful. I laughed, my heart was touched, and was treated to a little roller coaster of suspense.”  Amazon $3.99

I try not to push my books too much, but on the day that America celebrates our in-de-pen-dence (In my head  I always say that like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) what’s more American than advertising? #ThePhilFactor will return to its usual nonsense tomorrow. If you wanted to share this by re-blogging or hitting the Facebook or Twitter buttons below I certainly wouldn’t mind. Have a great Friday! ~Phil

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  1. Highly recommended!

  2. I loooove a good mystery

  3. Best. Mustache!

    Also, books, hooray! I’m still stuck in studying-for-exams hell, but eventually I’m going to read some of these books you blogging wonders write. 🙂

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