Here is another classic story from The English Professor at Large. She is a treasure trove of great stories from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The English Professor at Large

Driving down Cahuenga Blvd. the other day,I passed the block where I used to work in the 1950’s as a publicist at Motion Picture Center, home of the “I Love Lucy” show. Now, memories start.
It is January, 1956, as I pull into the small parking lot, driving up to the fiesty,elderly man who ferociously guards his territory of parking spots. “Good Morning,” I call out. He grunts in reply and points to my parking space in case I have forgotten. Not the friendliest way to start the day, but inside the studio it is a different atmosphere.
Motion Picture Center is small by studio standards, containing nine sound stages, several offices, and a commissary.
I start my day reporting to my boss,Kenny Morgan, in our small office. There are just the two of us doing publicity for Desilu on the lot every day. On my way in, Desi stops…

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3 responses to “DESILU DAYS

  1. Wasn’t this a great one Phil? After I read this I realized how close I am to Patricia (as in we live very close to one another) and decided to meet. She is fascinating and very insightful. It was a terrific experience.


    • It was another great story by Patricia. I love these. I did see in her comments where you and she talked about getting together for coffee. That’s awesome. I’m always curious about what other bloggers are like IRL.


  2. Thank you once again, Phil, for re-blogging my post. I deeply appreciate it. Yes, Marissa and I had iced tea together Wednesday, and it was a delightful visit and talk. I hope we stay in close touch.


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