Author Interview with Sean Smithson: Being an Arse Shouldn’t Be This Much Fun

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Sean Smithson is not really the author’s name. It’s a pen name. He says it’s far easier to pronounce than his real name. I suspect however that it may be an alias to protect his real identity just in case there are any pending warrants. Also, as you can see in his picture above, he’s wearing a mask as well. Based on his book I also believe that the glitter on his face is from strippers. Once you read his new book, How to Lose a Girl in Ten Ways you’ll understand. Truth be told, I don’t think he documents any real crimes, unless you count his crimes against good taste and common sense when pursuing the fairer sex.

How To Lose

 TPF: Hi Sean and welcome to The Phil Factor. The first and most obvious question is, do any of the women from the stories in your book know about the book and if so, what has their reaction been?

Sean: Hey Phil, thanks for having me on the ‘show’. Hmm… Well if any of them have found out about it, it certainly wouldn’t have been from me. As I’m not really on talking terms with half of them anymore. And as for the other half; it’s fair to say that we were never on talking terms in the first place.

 TPF: Fess up. Was writing a book just an elaborate ruse to score with women by saying, “Can I buy you a drink? I’m a published author.” And if so, has it worked yet?

Sean: Ha. If it was, I definitely would’ve come up with a different title. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it’s somewhat of an anti-pick-up line. As once they’ve heard what the book’s called, the conversation usually doesn’t last much longer.

Phil 1

“Children’s books. Next time go with children’s books!”

 TPF: Considering the fact that many of your chapters involve bodily fluids, sex and a fair bit of wanking, all of which may have taken place at your parents’ home, sometimes when they were still there, do you parents know about this book? If not, do you ever plan to tell them?

Sean: They’ve always known that I was writing a book; they just didn’t know what it was about. And as much as I would’ve liked for it to stay that way, the truth eventually had to come out… I’d rather they heard it from me than read about it in the book. Or even worse, found out from my uncle; my cousin told me he ordered it from Amazon last week.

I told mum the gist of #3 (possibly my best/worst work) and after an excruciatingly long pause she responded:


“What?!? On our couch?”

 TPF: To be clear, Taylor Swift is not Sean’s mother, although she probably will date him eventually and then write an angry song about him. Sean, If you were to give one piece of advice to women when deciding whether or not they should invest their time with a guy, what would it be?

Sean: I’m not really sure. Nay. I KNOW I’m not qualified to be dishing out relationship advice, Phil.

Phil 2

 TPF: Sometimes the best mistakes are those that we learn from. Based on your experiences that are documented in your book, what is the one piece of advice you would give a guy whose goal is took hook up with a woman?

Sean: Read my book and do the exact opposite of everything I did!

TPF: Now that you’re a little older and allegedly more mature than when you lived the content of your book, has your approach to dating changed at all? If so, how?

Sean: I’m still single, Phil. Does that answer your question?

Phil 3

TPF: There you have it ladies and gentlemen; the first appearance of an animated gif on The Phil Factor. Now that Ten Ways has launched have you considered turning your website into a dating advice site where you answer readers’ questions?

Sean: I refer you back to my answers to the three previous questions…

TPF: Sean, thanks again for visiting #ThePhilFactor. For those of you that want to stalk Sean, which would be an ironic turn of events for the ladies, you can find him at his website and Facebook.

You can download the eBook from Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble. Or purchase the paperback from The Book Depository (free worldwide delivery).

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22 responses to “Author Interview with Sean Smithson: Being an Arse Shouldn’t Be This Much Fun

  1. Thanks again for having me, man. I really appreciate it. And I love the additions you made.

    For the record though, the glitter wasn’t from a stripper. But I scraped it off an item that certainly could’ve been worn by one!

    • That it’s not stripper glitter is pretty disappointing, Sean. Not gonna lie. Congrats on the book, man. I have a sordid past of relationship failures as well, who knew it may be book worthy? I have to read yours now to compare mishaps.

      • You should definitely write about them too, Don. Though I’d be very surprised if you’ve encountered the exact same things I have… As my mind seems to work differently to other men’s.

        And as for the glitter, sorry to disappoint, man. But strippers certainly feature in the book.

      • I bought it! Mostly for the prominent strippers promise. I hope the wife doesn’t see it and get the wrong idea.

      • Hahaha. Thanks so much, Don. I hope Christina and Rachel (the strippers) don’t disappoint.

        Well be careful, man. As me and X (List of) were talking and we reckon that the 11th way to lose a girl is to buy a copy of the book and leave it lying around for your other half to see…

  2. Great interview Phil! Funny questions making for interesting content. Couldn’t have done better myself!

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  4. I could keep sending you pics of the various places your book has been in my bedroom, if you like 🙂

  5. Good to read the transcript!

  6. I think Sean sounds like a total keeper. I’d date him 😉

  7. hahaha love the bit about your parents!

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