Top Ten Tuesdays! My Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves

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Hi. My name is Phil and I’m a blogger.  (Everyone else in the “blogosphere” replies “Hi Phil!”)  Yes, if I’m being painfully honest with myself, I’m a blogger. I’ve been a blogger for over nine years. I took to it like a fish to water. Just because I do it doesn’t mean that I love everything about it.  Thank you to Nerd in The Brain  for the idea for today’s Top Ten list. Go visit her. She has a great blog. Without further adieu, here are my Top Ten Peeves about blogging:

10. Blog Awards: Let’s get this one right out of the way now. It’s not an award if it requires you to do anything you normally wouldn’t,  like turn around and give it to fifteen other people.  There’s no other awards in life that require you to do work. “And the Oscar for Best Actress in a Drama goes to Meryl Streep, but only if she can name fifteen other actors that deserve it!”

9.  Everything has a blog: Have you noticed that just about everything on TV claims it has a blog? Products in commercials have blogs. New programs have blogs. Every celebrity has a “blog.” Blogs aren’t blogs if a marketing department creates them and manages them.

8. Everyone can have a blog: Yeah, I know that’s kind of the point, but there’s got to be some sort of screening process.  Just because you can say something doesn’t mean that you should.

7.  Blogs that are too long: Yup, I’m well aware that we all have unique  life stories, and I want to hear yours, but not if I have to clear my plans for the evening to read your blog post. I want to hear your life story in bite sized pieces. Think of blogging like a party you go to.  Nobody likes the person who traps you in the corner near the bathroom to tell you everything about their life. In the blogosphere I like to move about the party meeting many new and interesting people.

6. Blogging terms: Blogosphere, blogiversary, blogiverse, re-blog. Are any of these real words? Are they in a real dictionary somewhere? I feel like an idiot using them, but I have to because everyone here understands them.

5. Blogs without pictures: Words are good, but c’mon, brighten that up with a little eye candy! That’s why I have that picture of me at the top left. You’re welcome.

4. Fake profile pictures: Unless you’re blogging about something super personal or “adult” why hide your identity? How am I going to stalk you in real life if I can’t recognize you?

3. Blogs about boring stuff: Hate those.Please stop writing them. No,  not you. Don’t you hate when someone boring follows you and comments on all your posts and so you feel obligated to visit and comment on their blog occasionally, but it is just the worst blog ever? Thank God this doesn’t apply to anyone I follow. You guys and gals are great as chips.

2. Blogs that don’t post their own thoughts: An inspirational picture or quote is nice now and then, but if that’s all a blog is, what’s the fun in that? I like to read little, genuine slices of people’s lives. I don’t care what Ghandi said fifty years ago. If I did I’d read his blog. Speaking of that, he hasn’t posted in a while. What’s up with that?

1.  Animated GIF’s: You know the ones, right? It’s literally a two second video clip that repeats endlessly. It’s nearly seizure inducing like a strobe light. Nothing is that funny in two seconds.

As always, everything here is meant  in good humor with no malice intended. In the comments, what are your blogging pet peeves?

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51 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays! My Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. 😀 this is literally the funniest thing I have read in a while. And I hear ya! Blog awards are the worst. -_- I wish there was a “you’re the worst blogger so I will leave you alone” blog. Anyway, keep up the good work. Happy blogging. 🙂

  2. Blog award *

  3. I’m getting really tired of y’all doubting my identity as Lego Deadpool.

    I do try to post GIF warnings if I plan on using one.

  4. My peeves? All of yours, particularly [10] and [3]. But don’t tell!

  5. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about “inspirational quotes,” maybe I will.

  6. Agree with all of these. How about bloggers who are like ‘I have 2,000 followers in just 5 months!! Or ‘just hit the 1,000,000 view mark’. Come on people, do you want to make me feel like sticking my head in the toilet? Go brag to your mom or someone else who cares.

  7. Aww Phil I love my gifs! I’m guilty of all of them – using the term blogosphere, inspirational pics, number of views, long posts, boring stuff… I agree about someone just posting inspirational pics and nothing else though… I don’t mind most types of blogs to be fair, except the ones that just are deliberately written to annoy everyone else – racist and controversial topics etc…

  8. A fabulous list! I am so with you on #2 (and in my third grade mind, that sounds like a really strange thing to say). 🙂 Blogs that don’t do anything but reblog and post things they found elsewhere seem more suited for Tumblr.

    A great list and I’m so pleased to have played a small part in it! 😀

    • Exactly! Who doesn’t hate #2? You played a big part in this blog post. I had no idea what I was going to write about until you gave me suggestions.

  9. People have fake profile pics!?! Buzz off…. and those 2 second videos piss me off every single time!
    Also, pictures are always the best part of any blog!! Especially REAL pictures… nobody wants to look at their screen without pictures.. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEEPS
    Enjoyed this very much 🙂

  10. I totally agree with #2. I think this is why I cannot stand tumblr, because a good portion of those utilizing it use it to hoard online. That’s what Pinterest is for, right? One of my big pet peeves for blogs is when the font is so tiny that even after zooming in on your screen, you still need a magnifying glass. Those are the blogs I skip over.

  11. #10. I remember how special I felt the first time someone gave me a blogging “award” (And the kicker was it was a blogger I had never heard of before). Yeah, that got old real fast… I should be a Liebster Master now with how many times someone has nominated me for it (some more than once!)

    #7. One of my followers is one of those bloggers who has no idea when to stop typing and apparently no idea how to upload an image. Damn reciprocation!

    #5. Every blog should follow this advice. My average post might run between 1000-1500 words, but I separate almost every paragraph with a funny captioned image so they don’t seem as longwinded and/or boring…

    #4. I obviously violate this one, but then again, my blog isn’t really about me. It’s actually more about my characters and other goofy stuff…

    #1. The only GIF’s I dislike are the ones that contain so much file space that they take hours to fully download…

    My personal blogging pet peeve list would definitely include those who hammer the like button several seconds after you posted something they couldn’t possibly have read yet. No, I’m not going to check out your blog if I don’t think you’ve actually read anything I’ve posted…

  12. Guilty of a few of these, and sorry, not sorry — but man, #2, UGH! Hate that on every type of social media. It’s so impersonal!

  13. Ugh #2 – it’s like FB on crack…Soooo many quotes – like a quotosphere (sorry couldn’t resist!) Awards – don’t post them on my blog BUT have accepted a few – too much work – as if it were a chain letter gone mad. And lastly, I’m guilty of #7 (bows head in shame), not really. It’s who I am and I think the best blogs (well most) are when people are unapologetically themselves. 🙂 ~Karen~

    • You’re not “guilty” of #7. To each his or her own. Maybe the problem lies with my fleeting attention span when it comes to the internet. This list is just my preferences. You may love animated gifs, long blog posts and inspirational quotes.

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  15. I want to be a smart ass and nominate you for a fake blogging award, but I’m not funny enough to make up a ridiculous sounding one, and I’m too lazy to invent asinine rules for my fake award.
    I’ll just click “like” on this post instead.

  16. Add more pics: duly noted. Im never sure of the internet etiquette for stealing images, though

  17. Other than the possibility that I do number three I’m with you all the way!

  18. I still feel too new at this to have developed any real pet peeves….yet. I read in some comment somewhere not to concern yourself with followers. There are followers who never read and readers who never follow. Just do your thing. I’m trying to stick to that.

  19. “but not if I have to clear my plans for the evening to read your blog post.” hahahaha. Love your humor, as always. Our pet peeves are the same! I want blogs to be 50/50 text and pictures…and short posts. Sometimes I do like to write longer pieces but even then it’s more for me than for an audience. I don’t expect everyone to read every post I write just like I tend to skip other people’s posts if I’m immediately bored or it’s too long. I think those two or three preview lines in the Reader feed are what people need to work on to attract readers. If you’re already boring me in two lines then it’s not looking so good!

    • Era you are exactly right about the importance of a good title and a good couple first lines. There is so much content on the internet that you have to compete for people’s attention and time.

  20. Liked this even while I’m guilty of too-long posts, LOVING gifs, and, was just told today, a too-small font for phones. Hm…maybe that’s why I have only my precious, precious core Followers (translation: Very few readers of my blog…)

    Will I change? Not likely, other than the font. This is the only way I know how to write.

    BTW, came here thanks to Idiocracy, and glad to stop back. It’s been a while (and was gone from WP for weeks, too).

  21. I want your honest opinion…honest!! Am I one of this obligatory blogs?

  22. Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT!! However, if you don’t like long-winded blogs, PLEASE do not visit mine! lol #longwindedandknowsit

  23. I see you don’t like fake profile pictures, and I know mine looks fake, but I actually am an owl.

  24. Thankfully I think I break less than half of them 🙂

  25. I’m just glad that list posts aren’t one of your pet peeves…

  26. Just in case the pingback went awol, I’ve quoted from this post while blogging about awards: Have a great weekend.

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