Did someone die in your house? Would you want to know that?  If it’s happened since you started reading this you should probably call an ambulance as it may not be too late. If you’re planning for someone to die in your house please say so in the comments and I’ll send some people over who would probably like to discuss that with you at headquarters.

Picture credit: angelsghosts.com

Picture credit: angelsghosts.com

As you can see from the picture, it’s very important to find out if there are ghosts in your house because it may disturb your pets. For the rest of us who take a ghoulish pleasure in creepy stuff or who may be in the market to buy a house there’s a website, diedinhouse.com, that exists solely to let you know if someone has ever actually died in any particular house. Unfortunately for my friends in other countries the kind folks at DiedInHouse only seem to care about the United States. If you do live outside the U.S. you can start your own site and grimly reap the profits!

The idea of the site is that if a death has occurred in a house it will negatively effect the value of the property, especially if it was a grisly death or a murder. Home shoppers are encouraged to negotiate for a lower price if there has been a death in the house. On the site it actually says, “a stigmatized home can be a bargain.” A bargain? are you kidding? If there are actual ghosts in the house I’d pay extra for that! It should be an advertised feature of the home: “This house has three bedrooms, two baths, a walkout patio and two lost souls.”

Picture credit: my.travelchannel.com

Picture credit: my.travelchannel.com

What is the deal with ghosts photo-bombing peoples pet pictures? Now if a house came with a ghost dog I’d would definitely buy it. What could be better than a pet that doesn’t need to be fed or taken out? No vet bills either! (You can read some real ghost dog stories here)

Picture credit: doctorbarkman.blogspot.com

Picture credit: doctorbarkman.blogspot.com

On the site there is a page with stories about people who bought houses after consulting DiedInHouse.com. Here’s a good one: Diedinhouse.com — The house in East Meadow, NY where serial killer Joel Rifkin murdered at least three of his female victims.The house was listed for $424,500 in May 2010 and sold eight months later for $322,000.The new owner said, “It’s a great house, and we got it for a great price,” Ask Your Agent for an Instant Diedinhouse.com Report! I kid you not. I copied and pasted that right from the website. Another oddity is that a serial killer had a house that was originally listed at $424,500! If I’ve got the kind of money needed to have a house that nice I think I’d pick a hobby other than murder.

Actually, this situation did come up for me about nine years ago when I was shopping for my current house. There had been a murder that had been on our local news and my wife and I looked at the house. I was kind of excited about the prospect of getting a great deal on a nice house but Mrs. Phil wasn’t hearing it at all. I hope this doesn’t creep anyone out, but truth be told, there was a death at this blog about ten years ago but I bought it anyway. I hope that doesn’t stop you from reading.

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12 responses to “DiedInHouse.com?

  1. I don’t need to buy a ‘house with history’….I have enough of an overactive imagination – that, and my cat who tends to freak me out a bit at ‘things unseen’.

  2. Love the new banner, by the way. Yes, that probably explains the voices in my head I hear whenever I read this blog. They make me write weird comments…

  3. I wouldn’t doubt that someone died in our house. It was built in 1920 and three generations lived in it. Pity I didn’t attempt a greater discount…

  4. When I run out of topics I can write about hauntings I’ve experienced. Thanks for the idea.

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