Indie (?) Author Interview: Hugh Howey

This is the guy who gives me hope and keeps me writing. Once he was just an indie author writing his stories like me but when he made it big he was still nice enough to interview for my blog.

5 responses to “Indie (?) Author Interview: Hugh Howey

  1. It’s wonderful he did this interview with you. My thoughts of him have improved dramatically. Great post Phil.

    • Thanks Theodora! He was actually on vacation with his family and still emailed back right away.

      • How did you set it up?

      • I just emailed him and asked if he wanted to interview for my blog. He couldn’t have been nicer.

      • That’s awesome. Kimberley Freeman is good with communication for an amazing author, maybe I’ll see if she will do an interview. She always responds to my emails on Goodreads. It’s quite surreal to respect someone so much and then they go and make you adore them even more by acting like a decent human being.

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