The Phil Factor Interview with Dave Barry! (yes, that Dave Barry)

An interview I landed with Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry in 2013 when I had about a third of the readers I do now.

The Phil Factor


Hello Dave and welcome to #ThePhilFactor. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for my readers. For those of you not familiar with Dave’s work, he is an American humorist and Pulizter Prize winning columnist that the New York Times has referred to as “the funniest man in America.” For those of you wondering about the picture above, yes, Dave is also a guitarist. Dave’s syndicated humor column has run in the Miami Herald since 1983. Then in 1999 he branched out into humorous novels. In an effort to learn how to duplicate his career I asked for a few minutes of his time and he was nice enough to respond.

TPF: First off Dave, congratulations on being named a finalist for this years’ Thurber Prize for American Humor for your novel Lunatics. When you began your career as a humor writer, did you even suspect…

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2 responses to “The Phil Factor Interview with Dave Barry! (yes, that Dave Barry)

  1. Jeez, Phil. I didn’t respond with enough hair-standing-on-end-ness the first time I read the original post:

    “WHAT!? You got to interview DAVE BARRY!? How cool is THAT!?”

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