Vote on My Poll!


In an effort to keep The Phil Factor interesting I’m always looking to make improvements. Over the last year I’ve added a few regular features, Music Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, and Wordless Wednesday. I think the Top Ten Tuesday has gotten such good reaction that I’ll keep that as a permanent feature, but the other two, I’m not so sure. I’d love your feedback. Please vote below and leave comments on what you like or what you’d like to see.

Thanks for your feedback everybody! Have a great Friday! ~Phil

11 responses to “Vote on My Poll!

  1. Just ’cause I didn’t say “keep Music Monday” doesn’t mean “Don’t” keep it. I am going to bed at last, and don’t have a strong opinion because I’ve run out of steam. Nighty-night. For me, at least.


  2. I picked Keep Wordless Wednesday. As an artist, I am always intrigued by the wall art (some call graffiti) found among building, bridges, etc. It would seem you have an abundance of it in your city and I love when you share it!

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  3. Of course you have to keep WW!

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  4. How about humor or funnies and make it a Wacky Wednesday or a Happy Hump Day with a little lewd joke? Smiles!

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  5. Gotta keep music Mondays!

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  6. This was hard. I love street art. But I’m a super maniacal crazy obsessive music fan, so I went with keeping Mondays, if we have to choose.

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