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Control My Fate With A Vote

So here is my quandary: I have a credit card where I accumulate fictional airline miles that if they add up enough, I can use to purchase flights. A few months ago I had enough miles and purchased a flight. Now it looks like I’ll have to cancel that flight. In the airlines loyalty club rules it says that if I cancel my flight I either don’t get my miles back, or if I want my miles back I have to pay them $150. Mind you, if I cancel now, they have weeks to re-sell that seat and its on a flight to a very popular city, so there’s no absolutely no chance it would go unsold. I want my miles back but I don’t believe that I should have to pay them for them. If I pay them and they also re-book the seat, they essentially get paid twice for the same seat. I see that as a very greedy and non passenger friendly policy. If I just don’t show up for the flight, they may have an unused seat on the flight that they don’t get anything for.  I’d like my miles because I will soon need to book another flight and the $150 is less than the cost of paying just cash for the flight. So what do I do? The poll results will control my fate:

Have a great Sunday and thanks for your feedback! ~Phil

Friday Poll! United Airlines vs. Donald Trump

It occurred to me that both United Airlines and Donald Trump are taking a beating in their popularity ratings so far this year. But who has had it worse when it comes to public opinion? Your vote will decide what I make fun of tomorrow.

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

Love, Exciting and New… The Friday Poll is Back!

Climb aboard, we’re expecting you!

With Valentine’s Day tantalizingly close, I thought some of you 80’s aficionados would appreciate hearing that song again. Of all the old shows they’ve made updated, current versions of, why not The Love Boat? Who doesn’t want to see B-list celebrities from cancelled TV shows hooking up every week amidst a flimsy plot premise and corny dialogue? The original crew could make cameos. It would be great!

In a comment give the reason for your vote AND who you would want to see on the new Love Boat if it were to come back now.

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

Would You Rather? The Friday Poll


In a past poll we had money versus love and of course love won, but what about time? Is time on the face of the Earth worth more than money? You tell me and give your reasoning in the comments.

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

The Friday Poll! Brains or Beauty?

First off, the results of last weeks poll are in and in a surprise upset love beat out money. For a while it looked like romance was dead, but love made a late comeback to win the day.

Once about 60 years ago Marilyn Monroe sat next to Albert Einstein at a dinner party. The following conversation is alleged to have happened:

Marilyn: “I want to have your child. With my looks and your brains, it will be a perfect child!”

Einstein: “But what if it has my looks and your brains?”


This weeks question is which would you choose, brains or looks:

Please give the reasoning for your choice in the comments. Have a great Friday! ~Phil

Vote on My Poll!


In an effort to keep The Phil Factor interesting I’m always looking to make improvements. Over the last year I’ve added a few regular features, Music Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, and Wordless Wednesday. I think the Top Ten Tuesday has gotten such good reaction that I’ll keep that as a permanent feature, but the other two, I’m not so sure. I’d love your feedback. Please vote below and leave comments on what you like or what you’d like to see.

Thanks for your feedback everybody! Have a great Friday! ~Phil

The First Ever Phil Factor Poll !


That’s right! By virtue of today’s poll YOU can effect the future of #ThePhilFactor. Please choose responsibly.

Thank you everyone. Whichever tag line has the most votes by Thursday will be the new, or old, tag line below the title at the top of the page. If you’d like you can also suggest possible tag lines in the comments. As always, feel free to share the joy of The Phil Factor by hitting the Facebook or Twitter share buttons below.