Phil and ?’s Excellent Adventure


There won’t be a Phil Factor tomorrow, or there might be. I don’t know. You see I’m going on a trip today but I don’t know where. My wonderful wife has planned a trip for me for my upcoming birthday but I insisted she not tell me anything about it. In a little while I’ll open an envelope with plane tickets.


Then I’ll know where I’m going but not who I’m meeting there or what I’m doing there. I’ll pack a bag, go to the airport and see where this takes me. Follow me on Twitter and I’ll post my adventures as they happen. Have a great weekend! I know I will. ~ Phil

20 responses to “Phil and ?’s Excellent Adventure

  1. Happy Birthday Phil! I hope you have a great adventure!

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  2. Now your photo this morning makes sense!
    You must be so laid-back.
    I would not perceive this as a gift, lol! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! 😀

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  3. Have an awesome time!!

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  4. Hope it’s a good one for your birthday
    Ring me if you should end up in L.A.!

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  5. Hopefully both on the same plane….enjoy.

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  6. Happy birthday! Have an excellent adventure!

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  7. A surprise adventure for your birthday? … I love your wife’s style!!
    Hope you have an amazing time 🙂


  8. Sounds very exciting. You are very lucky!

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  9. Happy Birthday surprise adventure. Call me if you end up in Australia! 🙂

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