What’s An Optimistic Eggshell?


If you missed this post last week, I’ll catch you up. My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s her second time. The last was twelve years ago, so we thought that we were free to live out the rest of our lives without worry. We we’re wrong. I’m going to sort of journal our experience weekly but am not sharing this to any other social media, so please don’t either. Last week on my birthday I got to take her to an abdominal PET scan and a bone scan. Ok, you’re all caught up.

Three weeks ago she had discovered a lump in her chest wall in the front. A surgeon initially took a fluid sample from the lump and sent it for testing. We were relieved to hear that there were no cancer cells in the fluid. Just to be on the safe side the surgeon was going to remove the lump. My wife, being a medical professional, was smart enough to also request a PET scan of her entire chest. The lump was removed on a Friday. We received a phone call on Saturday morning as we loaded our car with groceries we had bought for a Christmas party we were going to host. The biopsy of the removed lump showed cancer and on the PET scan they saw a cancerous lesion on her spine. I took a cart full of groceries back into the store and returned them. We weren’t in the mood for a party.

My immediate thought, although I didn’t say it out loud to her, was that if a lump in the front of her chest was cancerous and there was cancer on her spine, then everything in between must be filled with cancer. It was a terrifying, horrifying thought. And it was a thought I was still having on my birthday, two days before Christmas as I waited while she had two more scans.

We hadn’t told our three boys yet. We wanted them to have a normal Christmas before they started worrying about their mom. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got some good news. She was at work she got a phone call. The scans showed no other cancer. She wasn’t filled with cancer. She just had it in two spots! We were relieved and enjoyed a nice Christmas with our boys.

Things are all relative though when it comes to cancer. There’s never a good amount of cancer to have, but we think she has less than we feared. We’ll know more later today after the appointment with the oncologist to review the test results and lay out the treatment plan. We are walking on optimistic eggshells at the moment. So, in response to the title question, what’s an optimistic eggshell? Right now, I am and I’m hoping I don’t hear anything today that makes me crack.

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  1. We will wait with you . ..

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you, and we’re here as and whenever you need us… Lots of love to you both, and the boys xx

  3. Sending good vibes and prayers to you and your family Phil.

  4. I was sitting here contemplating the benefits of me living life an hour at a time instead of making some big plan for 2016. This hour is for you and your wife Phil, hopeful you can get your feet on firmer ground after the appointment.

  5. Your family is in my prayers today. I hope for positive results, and we all are here for you in your time of need. I’m glad that you and yours had a good Christmas. I’m sorry this had to happen to you. No one deserves this, especially not you and your wife. You’re good people. I hope this goes away as quickly as it came.

  6. Glad to hear you have received some positive news out of this. May it continue to be even more positive as you navigate this.

  7. Fingers crossed; Here’s to more reasons for optimism in 2016.

  8. Sending prayers for healing. I know how hard it is to wait for news, but know that a lot of people are thinking of you both and waiting with you.Blessings.

  9. We’re all rooting for you!

  10. I wish you and your wife well
    Inside your optimist’s eggshell

  11. Here’s hoping for optimistic news from the specialist, Phil.

  12. I’m a newcomer to your blog but already a fan. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Having been through this with my mother in the past, I am all too familiar with the crackling sound of optimistic eggshells underfoot.

  13. Oh gosh. What shit. I really hope everything goes well for you both.

  14. Can’t even begin to know how you are feeling.

  15. I am thinking of you both and sending so much love. xxx

  16. Keeping you both in my prayers. Hard boil that damn egg so it doesn’t crack!! Sorry….I went through this with hubby. he has been cancer free for 26 years, but had a scare two years ago. She can beat this, we’re all cheering for her!! (and you & your boys, too).

  17. I’m a day behind and playing catch-up. By now the tests have been done and I really hope the year ends on a positive note for you and your wife!
    Best wishes!!

  18. How did I miss this, Phil? There I was Pope-joking, and not having responded to this.

    Christ. It’s one fear after another, isn’t it? The lump, then thinking it’s everywhere, and then, even if not everywhere, thank God! It’s still your wife, and cancer.

    My hugs and love, Phil, and another prayer for strength.
    O O (hugs)
    ❤️ ❤️

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