2015 Pop Culture Winners and Losers: Caitlyn, Donald, The Biebs and more!

Well, as 2015 wraps up let’s take a look back at the year in pop culture:


Caitlyn Jenner? Winner: Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Kardashian, left some things behind and won a trophy. Caitlyn won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY’s. The former Olympic gold medal winning decathlete also left his/her former gender behind and got the hell out of the Kardashian family. She should have named her brief reality show One Flew Out of the Cuckoos Nest. If escaping the Kardashian’s isn’t winning, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of winning…Four and a half years ago Charlie Sheen declared to the world that he was “Winning!” At the time he was in the midst of an untreated bi-polar manic episode, using lots of drugs and living with two porn stars. Gee Charlie, how could anything possibly go wrong with that scenario? Sadly, the underrated comedic actor revealed this year that he is HIV positive. Hopefully he’ll become a positive public advocate for several issues.


And the winner is…Steve Harvey! About a week ago Steve Harvey accidentally crowned Miss Columbia as Miss Universe instead of Miss Who The Hell Cares because no one watches those stupid shows anymore. Amidst plentiful criticism and mockery Steve still has two other shows and signed a multi-million dollar multi-year contract to keep hosting a pageant show nobody watches. He’s definitely a winner. Miss Columbia is a winner because we all remember her. But who actually won the pageant?

Donald Trump: You know the phrase, “We’re all winners”, right? This isn’t one of those situations. Donald is winning because the ego-maniacal buffoon is getting all the attention his crazy narcissistic personality disorder desires. The American people are the losers in this one as the possibility of an incompetent, ignorant, verbally impulsive hate monger as President looms larger every day.


Zayn Malik: He picked one direction and it was out of the most popular boy band in the world. 14 year old girls everywhere lost their minds. Of course that always happens, but this time their parents knew why. The real winners are the other guys in One Direction. Let’s face it, if you spell your name Zayn you’re an obvious asshat. I’m sure they’re better off without him. I hope whatever fast food chain he works at now spells it correctly on his name tag.

The Biebs is back! I’ve been one of the biggest Bieber bashers, (check this Google list I got when I put in “Bieber” and “The Phil Factor”) so to be fair, I give credit when it’s due. The big news is that he wasn’t arrested in 2015. Sure, Argentina has an arrest warrant out for him because his bodyguards beat up a photographer in 2013, but I don’t think he was actually arrested or accused of any significant jackassery in 2015. He filmed a cameo for Zoolander 2 and released an album that a couple people like. Winner.

Adele said Hello but I wish she’d say good bye.

At the end of the year though I feel like a winner too because of all my friends who continue to visit The Phil Factor. So, who do you think should be added to the 2015 Winners and Losers list?

Have a great Saturday!~Phil


22 responses to “2015 Pop Culture Winners and Losers: Caitlyn, Donald, The Biebs and more!

  1. Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a winner, not for leaving the Kardashian family, (I didn’t know she had) but for finally becoming her true self. A very brave thing to do, and also for helping other trans people to get the support and help they need.

  2. Oh I wasn’t having a go, sorry if it came across like that. You know I don’t follow anything the family do so I have no idea how crazy they are.

    • I didn’t think you were. The entire family had a reality show and they’re all nuts and attention mongers, so I think Caitlyn deserves a whole other award just for being smart enough to get out of that circus.

  3. David Letterman said goodbye
    Philthy Phil, Scott Weiland died
    Kanye West got upset
    Miley is an advocate
    Taylor Swift’s a Nazi Barbie
    Star Wars and of course Steve Harvey.

  4. Dave Grohl broke his leg, went to the hospital, came back and finished the show! Winner!

    Will Wheaton calls out Huffington Post for not paying writers (established writers, too, not just bloggers). Winner!

  5. The writing quality is so good throughout this entire post, Phil. I REALLY liked it, too, because it displays both sides of your talent–humorous and serious–finely balanced. This piece should be submitted to other outlets for their consideration, Phil. I have no idea which, but do you reddit? If so, you could ask on there.

    • I do Reddit when I think something is good. I’m flattered that you liked this as much as you did. Thank you so much for saying so. You gave me a much needed smile.

      • You’ve made me smile back. : )
        To clarify, I think this should be submitted to some publication, on or off, and I don’t know which, but maybe reddit folk will. Slate? The Guardian?

      • HuffPo maybe? I think they only take stuff if it hasn’t already been posted somewhere. As always, you are too kind and up too late.

      • Not late here yet–I’m on Marissa’s time. It’s only 7:30. I think you’ve reversed ahead/backward. I caught up on my sleep yesterday: Slept a total of 13 hours, nap plus night. Whoo-hoo!!

      • You’re right. I got it backwards. I;m used to you still being up commenting when I’m up a 5 a.m.!

  6. Good round up on 2015’s pop culture and we can only wish for a graceful fadeout of some of these out-sized personalities and narcissists. But as far as entertainment and a reality escape – these are tops! Anita

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