Wordless Wednesday! Pebbles

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The picture is titled Pebbles and was painted last year in my hometown by Swedish artist Andreas Englund. Andreas Englund, based in Stockholm, is mostly recognized for the realistic and humorous oil paintings depicting the everyday life of an anonymous superhero. The series ranges from the superhero’s first mission as a toddler to being an old man, still struggling with everyday trivialities. I feel very fortunate to have one of these murals in my town because he has painted this specific character all over the world. In addition to his website, which I linked above, you can also follow him on Instagram. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Pebbles

  1. Ah, I love it! Philly has a mural arts project… did we talk about this before? Seems like it… Anyway, what a treat to have an Englund mural!

  2. Very cool, I love that take on superheroism 🙂

  3. Very cool.

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