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Wordless Wednesday! Time Travel Proof?

Ok, it’s not really wordless, but I thought this was funny when I came across it yesterday. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday! Sunset on the Gulf

Three weeks ago I was here and now I’m dealing with snow. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I could travel in time. Have a great Wednesday! Hope you have better weather than I do! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday! Phil Is On A Vacation Far Away…

Phil is on a vacation far away. Come around and talk it over…

That’s from the song Your Love by The Outfield. One of the most popular songs about cheating ever made.

I’ll be on vacation for the next few days so I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging, but please, by all means keep visiting my blog. I’ll still be responding to comments. Have a great week! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday! My First Blogging Picture

You know that I love to brag about how long my blog has been around ( 12 1/2 years). Here’s a picture of me writing my first blog post. Just kidding of course. Who knows what this picture is from? First person to get it right gets a free paperback, Audible, or e-book copy of my book Time To Lie.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday! Cat In A Bowtie

Those of you that follow my Instagram know my love of ties, so it should not surprise you that I bought my cat a bowtie. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday!

Those that watch Game of Thrones will get this. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Wordless Wednesday!

What’s interesting about this picture is that it’s of the same lake that one of the scene’s from Time To Lie takes place on the shore of. You should probably go read that. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil