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Darryl Callahan Media

Remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you crap for something, grounded you, punished you, smacked you, and you thought your parents were the worst parents ever. Growing up did you ever tell yourself “I’ll never be like my parents.” Now that you’re a parent or maybe just an adult now do you find yourself saying things that your parents did? Do you catch yourself saying things your parents did, or notice yourself sounding like your parents?

Growing up my parents would say things throughout my childhood, things like “I brought you into this world I can take you out of it.” They would say “when you have kids they will be twice as bad as you.” If you’re a parent and your child really gets under your skin sometimes, knowing how you felt during those times as a child why would any parent wish their kid…

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  1. Appreciate the reblog, thank you. Reach out to me anytime you like to touch base or have something reblogged.

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