Indie Author Friday: Aloada Bobbins (Haylee Alexandra)

Most of you know her as Aloada Bobbins, but her real name is Haylee Alexandra and in case you missed it, she published her first book Tiny Tales and (very) short stories: A collection of Six Word Fiction last July.

It’s a cute and whimsical collection of six word stores that spring from one word prompts with waggish illustrations intended for a young or young at heart audience. Being one that is challenged by word or character limits I certainly appreciate Haylee’s brilliant gift of brevity. Also go follow her blog. You can find her book on Amazon. It’s her birthday this week, go give Haylee some comments and book purchases!

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

3 responses to “Indie Author Friday: Aloada Bobbins (Haylee Alexandra)

  1. I, too, greatly struggle with brevity. I’ll need to go check Haylee out. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Aww, thanks so much Phil! Did not expect this when I got home 😀

  3. Interesting.

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