The Drunk That Saved Pittsburgh

Since I’m on vacation this week at Disney and not writing, I thought you’d enjoy this classic Phil Factor post from my May 2005 trip to Disney. The picture with the meme was added today because in 2005 the internet meme hadn’t been invented yet.

The Phil Factor

The first and most enduring memory of my trip to Disney World is of the shuttle bus ride from the Orlando airport to the hotel. Prior to my trip I had thought that the entertainment wouldn’t start until we actually arrived at Walt Disney World (aka The Costliest Place on Earth). Thanks to the gratuitous disbursement of alcoholic beverages by the airline, the early entertainment was provided by a representative of a Pittsburgh chemical company who flew to Orlando on “business.” It’s a good thing he took a shuttle bus because I’m sure that after the flight Mr. Pittsburgh had no business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. He barely had any business being allowed in a motor vehicle. The fumes he was giving off could have been lethal if we couldn’t have opened the windows. His partner was a bit more inhibited, but seemed to be, to…

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9 responses to “The Drunk That Saved Pittsburgh

  1. Aww, Phil! The sounds of wild abandon on the rides make some of the crying and crankiness get erased. . .
    Here in Ohio, I love the rides at Cedar Point. I worked there two summers, living in the dorms. Fun memories, although would wish to “turn back time!” Enjoy your vacation!

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  2. This was too funny! It left me wanting to read more!

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  3. Ha! Another Taylor truism. :o)

    Happy vacay! Safe travels.

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  4. I can’t help but wonder where the hell Mr. Pittsburgh is now. And if he figured out the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. Or perhaps got eaten by one. Sooo many questions. Hmm. I went to Disneyland when I was 10. My parents left me on a bench with a guy named Tony, while they went on all the rides, because I had a migraine. I barfed in a bag and ruined a Daffy Duck key chain for my uncle, and nobody has let me forget it. I really hope that the happiest place on earth, is exactly that to you and your family this week, Phil! 😊

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