Name Ten Bands … The Meme That Ate Facebook

No. No, I am not going to name ten bands that I’ve seen and one of them is a lie! And I don’t have time to read and guess yours either. And guess what? I. DON’T. CARE.  (Panic at the Disco) And if you list your ten bands in my comments, I may have to ban you from #ThePhilFactor.

The fact that this meme has taken over Facebook proves that Facebook is dead. After ten years or more of Facebook we have all now officially run out of things to talk about. (Weezer) This is like a party or meeting ice breaker for people who don’t know how to relate to others in a natural, spontaneous fashion. I was at a work dinner the other night and someone pulled that out and we did it at the table while we were face to face. It took so much time that we didn’t even have time to be snarky about other co-workers. (Green Day) That’s the real bonding between people, when you can forge an alliance against a common enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my Facebook friend.

This is it. Now that Facebook has turned this corner, it’s all downhill from here. (Twenty One Pilots) There’s now probably hundreds if not thousands or millions of stupid people that loved the “list ten bands” meme and are now thinking of new, but nauseatingly similar memes about movies, books and TV shows that they will spread to Facebook over and over for several years. (Blink 182) Instead of those boring ideas, how about we revive Facebook with some sarcasm and snarkiness. Here’s some suggestions:

Ten people you hate on Facebook, but one of them is a lie.

Ten People that I’m surprised are still alive, but one of them is a lie.

Ten teachers I kissed in high school but one of them I slept with

(All Time Low)

Ten TV moms or dads I’d do, and none of them are lies.

Ten co-workers I hate, but one of them is a lie.

Ten People that shouldn’t post beach pics of themselves. Please stop posting beach pics of yourself (The Grateful Dead)

Completely not related to this post but I thought it was funny

That’s what Facebook needs, more rabblerousers. More meanness. It needs to be more like the real world. How about that? How about honesty on Facebook? That would be new.  No more idyllic little vacation family photos! Everyone knows that vacationing with family is a giant pain in the ass. (Less than Jake) When the kids are little they’re exhausting to drag around Disney and the adults never get to do what they want and spouses snipe at each other about “you we’re supposed to remember the sunscreen” or “What do you mean you left the Fast Passes back at the hotel?” (Paramore) 

Well, that’s my little rant for this weekend. Who else is on the “let’s mean up Facebook” train with me?  If you have any funny ideas for sarcastic Facebook meme games we could play feel free to share then in the comments. (Bowling For Soup) And please feel free to share this with your Facebook friends by hitting the share button below. Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

39 responses to “Name Ten Bands … The Meme That Ate Facebook

  1. I saw what you did there. Nicely done, Phil 😉

    … and what’s this about making FB meaner? Like it isn’t already? Personally I’d be happy if people just kept politics out of FB.

  2. I had no idea this meme existed – I am now happy that I’ve limited my facebook usage over the last few months, slowly weaning myself off of it haha

  3. I closed my facebook some time ago. I can open it if I really want to visit someone. Recently I visited the fb’s of my cousins (adults) who were bashing each other of the presidential election…Why can’t they just text…no! that way the world can’t see how dysfunctional they are. 🙂

  4. I keep begging people to fill me in about Facebook. I don’t think anyone knows and this post tells me to give up trying. Thanks, Phil.

  5. I can’t stand Facebook!!!! I had an account years ago, but I really got tired of all the religious saying posts and the announcements that people were going to the grocery store and the photos of “cute kids” that weren’t really cute at all. Too much dribble. Is there really such a meme and do people really take the time to do these things? It boggle the mind.

  6. Okay, I’m breaking rhyme here (could that be a new edgy cable series) to let you know how close I’ve come in the past few days to posting, “One thing I don’t care about…what bands you have or have not seen.”

  7. Hahaha… All Time Genius! Very funny!

  8. I don’t FB much these days, but I did play the bands game, although mine was 12 — People had a heck of a time guessin, and that made me happy for about 16 hours. 🙂 But sure, more meanness, yeah, that’s what we ALL need! 😛

  9. Ha, sneaky. And I refused to copy, paste and play that game on fb

  10. Facebook is like the Christmas letters, with all the good and none of the bad. It’s the stuff we share with our parents. Or it is a bully pulpit, where we bully others to think like us. As long as long keep getting updates on the grandkids milestones I’ll be happy. Love those family vacation pics.

  11. With pride I listed my 10 bands etc on Facebook, but I still loved your post. I didn’t really expect people to care though. I did it for my small group of music loving friends and also because I have an empty, vacant life that I desperately try to fill with meaningless Facebook statuses.

  12. This post contains so much awesome, I simply cannot stop smiling!! You are hilarious, Phil. And my guess is the Grateful Dead?? Love your subtlety! As for FB…I promise you, friend, I truly don’t give a shit about what you had for dinner last night, SO STOP POSTING PHOTOS OF YOUR FOOD!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! FB needs to hire you because I can’t stand it and I believe you are the person they need to take it to the next level. Thanks for the morning chuckle, Phil!

  13. Aww, once again you have made me feel so incredibly special! And don’t worry, I won’t say nothin! My second guess is Justin Beiber, but he isn’t on the list. Sigh. This is hard.

  14. That particular FB meme has passed me by, as have 80% of the bands you listed. I quite like FB, but I don’t have a ‘professional’ page, only a personal one where I communicate with people I have mostly known for years. Most of them don’t have a mean bone in their body and I ignore the posts by the one who does.

  15. Bahahahaha I’m totally starting Ten people you hate on Facebook, but one of them is a lie.

  16. I enjoyed this a lot! I have watched all the Game of Thrones, since I am dating an addict and want to be his drug of choice. Kalisi holding the dragon’s egg Does look like an avocado! I like your “playlist!” 😀

  17. I didn’t read anyone’s band lists when that was going around. I mostly scroll past things that look like they will be boring, filled with political rants, contain anything that asks me to repost as my status, or anything I have to copy and type in my own answers.

    • So you’re saying that I shouldn’t post a survey on my blog?

      • Just as long as I don’t have to fill out a form where I have to tell everyone the name, birth date, and birth weight of my first born, plus other personal information. Or 10 things no one knows about me. If you post that, then where’s the mystery?

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