Go Follow Dr. Meg’s New Blog!

If you’ve been around this corner of the blogosphere you probably know Dr. Meg. She’s adopting a pen name and has started a new blog. You can find her at https://meghantregellis.wordpress.com  

If you knew Dr. Meg, it’s the same great blog. If you didn’t know Dr. Meg, go follow her and enjoy!

Have a great night! ~Phil

10 responses to “Go Follow Dr. Meg’s New Blog!

  1. I am. It’s super cool

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  2. Cheers Phil! I think I’m going to enjoy Meghan’s storytelling.

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  3. Meghan Tregellis

    Thank you Phil! You are the awesomest!!! 😃

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  4. Very nice of you, Phil!

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  5. If I were going to be buried, I would want AM I GONE? on my tombstone. That is classic.

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  6. I have post-op vertigo and just realized I commented on the wrong blog! Oopsie!

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  7. Found Meghan! Thanks Phil! 😊

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