Music Monday! The Most Viewed Video in YouTube History

Yes, in spite of all the cat videos and videos of people doing stupid things, just two days ago this video became the most watched of all time on YouTube. Not even Psy’s Gangam Style can boast the 3 billion views Despacito has.

You can also find a version featuring Justin Bieber if you’d like. Chances are though that it won’t get as many views on my blog as #Babymetal with Rob Halford did last week. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

5 responses to “Music Monday! The Most Viewed Video in YouTube History

  1. This has really started growing on me over the past few weeks.

  2. You keep bringing up Babymetal and you were asking for guest posts, so would you like me to write one about Babymetal ? Anything specific you would like to see covered on the subject ? English is not my first language and writing is not something I do professionally or as a hobby so you might need to do some editing.

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