How To Read Amazon Kindle Books on Any Device

Little known Fun Phil Fact. That’s my silhouette. Some people assume that you can’t read Kindle books unless you have a Kindle. Au contraire mon frere! You can enjoy reading less expensive e-books (electronic books) on any device that you can download an app to.

Yes, I know there’s a lot of old school people out there who like to hold a real book or like the smell of pages, but guess what? If you give up bulky paperbacks and their smell, you can save money. Yes, e-books are less expensive than physical books and they’re better for the environment because no one has to harvest the Amazon rain forest to send you a book in gigabyte form.

On a phone, iPad or any other kind of tablet just download the Amazon Kindle app. If you have an Amazon account, you input your info and you can immediately begin downloading books! And there’s lots and lots of free books in the Amazon book store. There’s also far more diversity of choices than you’ll ever find in a real bookstore. I haven’t read a physical book in ten years and I don’t miss them at all. Also, when you finish a book in the Kindle app you can immediately download and start reading the sequel no matter what time of day or night or where you may be. No need to leave the house to go to a bookstore.

This post is completely unrelated to the fact that my new humorous suspense novel Time To LieĀ will be available on Amazon tomorrow. Have a great night! ~Phil

12 responses to “How To Read Amazon Kindle Books on Any Device

  1. I actually started using the app before I ever got a Kindle… even using my laptop was easier than lugging all the books everywhere, and I could read in bed without a light! I do miss overflowing bookshelves, but that just means I can buy more random crap, right?

    Ooh! I should buy some of those hollow books to put random crap in! O.o

  2. Kimberly Steward

    Hi Phil, I’m not finding the book on Amazon. I see the other four books but not the new one. What am I missing?

    • You’re not missing anything yet. It’s due to go into the Amazon bookstore sometime today, but I’m not sure what time. Oh, and by the way, do you remember giving me the idea for the name of the characters dog in this book? That’s still in there.

  3. i was wondering if you had done that!

    • I didn’t forget. I actually wrote that part when we first talked about it 3 years ago. Unfortunately some real life stuff got in the way of me finishing the book then.

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