Top Ten Tuesday! Ten More Great TV Show Theme Songs!

Back by popular demand! The second Top Ten best TV show theme songs! After last weeks post received many comments and suggestions, I decided to add a second ten. There will not be a third.

20. Hawaii 5-0: This classic theme song always takes me back to college in my mind. At a dive bar on Thursday nights when draft beer was all you can drink for $5, whenever this song came on we would stage dive into the crowd from tables.

19. Twilight Zone: This was a bit before my time but someone nominated it and I had heard of it, so here it is!

18. CSI: I was reluctant to consider this a theme song because it was a popular song on its own, but a few people suggested it.

17. Happy Days: A classic from my 1970’s childhood when there were only three TV channels and everyone watched this every week. Tuesday’s at 8:00.

16. Laverne and Shirley: A spin off from Happy Days. Everyone still remembers the song.

15. Star Trek: No lyrics, so its a questionable addition to the list, but      asked for it, so here it is!

14. X-Files: Another theme song without lyrics, but I liked it so much that I included it.

13. Gilmore Girls: Just to be clear, this isn’t on my list of favorites but it was suggested by a few so here it is.

12. The Flintsones: This was the first cartoon that was on in prime time. It’s kind of the prehistoric Simpsons.

11.  The Monkees: Great theme song actually played by the band in the show.

20 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten More Great TV Show Theme Songs!

  1. Ooh yes. Again, they’ll be a couple of these in mine too.

  2. Love all of the CSI theme tunes/opening titles and I’m gutted all of the series are over now. Also big fan of the Gilmore Girls opening song too.

    Rachael |

  3. Love this list!! I hadn’t thought about the X Files!! That music always scared the crap out of me! Loved that show.

    • I have re-watched some of the old X-Files in the last year or two. What was scary 20 years ago is a little cheesy now, but some of them are still very good. I still love to hate the smoking man

  4. Great post! Went back and read the first one too. Would like to nominate Green Acres, The Partridge Family and probably predates you…. That Girl.

  5. Excellent, Phil. 😀

  6. May I humbly suggest two that were never nominated — The theme to The Banana Splits — and how the hell Gilligan’s Island never made your list is worthy of a Jethro Gibb’s smack to the back of the head! Criminal, just criminal! The others were good though.
    M.L. James aka Mona

  7. One banana, two banana, three banana, four…

    And we can’t forget The Addams Family, either!


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