Are You A Social Media Drama Queen?

Are you a social media drama queen? You may not know, but we sure as hell do! Although I used the phrase drama queen, guys can be social media drama queens too. Not me of course. I’ve written this blog for over 13 years for purely educational purposes. Mostly I like to educate people when they’re being idiots.

We used to be able to worship our on screen idols, actors, actresses, athletes and musicians, from afar for years, then social media showed up and these people couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Of course, it’s not a surprise that celebrities are social media drama queens. It’s just a surprise how many of them are morons.

But I’m not here to talk about the rich and famous morons. I’m talking about the regular, used to be your friend, type of morons. The ones that think they are a social media STAR! We all know these people don’t we? You know every damn time that they leave the house because they check in on Facebook when they walk to their mailbox and then Instagram you their  breakfast.

And really, who cares that you love coffee? Guess what? billions of people have been having coffee (or tea) every friggin’ morning since the cave people figured out how to boil water. If coffee was that freaking miraculous the cave people would have painted a picture of it on some cave wall in France. That was their Instagram. And yes, I’m drinking coffee too but I don’t imagine that’s very interesting to all my social media “friends” who are also drinking coffee. Guess what? Drinking coffee is not any sort of accomplishment that needs to be lauded by your social media friends. And yes, everyone else also has a coffee mugs with a supposedly humorous comment about drinking coffee.

And what about social media friends? Those people who were strangers until they “followed” you? Are they really friends? Up until 15 years ago, if a stranger followed you, you probably went straight to the police and got a restraining order. Now we rejoice if strangers we don’t know “like” our coffee picture. My least favorite of the social media drama queens is the people that commit social media suicide. “I’ve had enough of all the mean spirited comments here on Facebook/Twitter/blog  so I’m deleting my account!” But then they come back to check comments and reply. If you’re going to leave social media, do it. Don’t come back to see how many people will say “don’t go!” Chances are you’ll be disappointed.

Have a great Saturday everybody! Give me all your love in the form of likes and comments because if you don’t I’m going to delete my account. And this time I mean it! ~Phil

20 responses to “Are You A Social Media Drama Queen?

  1. There’s so much “Alanis”-level irony in a blogger calling out social media drama queens. The difference between us and the people who InstaTwitFace you their everyday nonsense is we actually take time to create our unique drama-queeny goodness. There’s dedication and a special kind of narcissism to spend the time witting 2,500 words to send the same message some pimply-faced emo kid did by sharing a meme.

  2. My favourite is the people who post something cryptically sad, like “Ugh, what a terrible day” just to get all the responses of concern: “U OK hun?” 🤣

  3. I, for one, appreciate knowing that a neighbor is going to their mailbox. Around here, that’s a big deal. Going to the Quickie-Mart for milk is even bigger.

    These are things a guy’s got to know.

  4. When “Friends” post they are deleting their account ~ I always comment “Good For You.”
    Because really ~ MAN! I don’t care. lol
    As Always ~

  5. Now you have me all upset. Ugh! What a horrible day this will be. I may have to tweet your callousness. It’s not easy being a queen, ya know!

    Great post, Phil. Happy Wwekend! 😃

  6. I also love those who never seem to catch a break. Their lives are one big pile of tears finished off with a Go Fund Me request. They write this stuff to feel better by making the rest of the joint feel worse.

    • Then you should never “Friend” or follow my blog ~

      My world did turn into a shit-show I write about instead of punching people in the throat ~ WITHOUT a Go Fund (or Fuck) Me Account.
      I feel like Bitter Bob right about now!

      ~ Ms. Mae

      • Clearly with this motto on your blog (” it means getting up every day and pushing forward ~ Encouraging others to do the same.”) I was not remotely including you in my comment. I think the idea of using the written word to fight back is the way to go. My comment was directed at those who simply want to garner a following of sympathizers without really trying to improve. If I offended you I apologize.

      • Oh Sir!
        You did not offend me.

        I am all about writing, speaking, and even sometimes using a meme ~ to voice my opinions and absolutely without a doubt using a shit-ton of sarcasm. As well as being politically INcorrect! Ha!

        Even more so ~ I dig being cool about anyone else doing the same.

        My original response to your comment came about because I had just mowed over a yella jackets nest and I was stung roughly twenty times AND I was just pissed off…

        I encourage readers, writers and sometimes even stupid people to share insights.

        After proofreading this comment I should probably apologize to you for being so bitchy.

        As Always ~

      • Not at all. #StayFierce. 🙂

      • John, you have never offended me. I took your comment the way it was intended

      • Thanks, Phil.

  7. OurFour Suitcases

    I was hoping to find a quiz, here. Bummer!

  8. Oh, the drama queens. Social media darlings all…. I avoid them like the plague they’ve become.

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