Some Suggestions For Getting Your Kids Away from Their Phones

Denzil Walton , a friend of The Phil Factor, has written a fascinating book. If you’re a parent I’m sure that the title of this blog post caught your attention. How in the world do we get our kids off their phones and interacting with the “real” world? Denzil, a lover of nature, the great outdoors and birds in particular has some great ideas.

Author Denzil Walton

His highly rated book is available for Kindle on Amazon USA, Amazon in the U.K. , and on Kobo . If you’ve got kids who are already spending a little too much time looking at life online instead outdoors I encourage you to check out Denzil’s book! ~Phil

5 responses to “Some Suggestions For Getting Your Kids Away from Their Phones

  1. You just lost my vote. I’m 77, had a tiny stoke a few months ago and have been medically cleared to drive.

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  2. Not sure how that comment got there – it was meant to be on your piece about Prince Philip and driving past 75.

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  3. Thanks for posting this Phil; greatly appreciated. After this universal exposure on your blog, I am expecting sales to sky-rocket. We could be going head-to-head for the next Pullitzer.

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