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Want To Play Phil Factor Fantasy Football?

I effing love the alliteration in that title, don’t you? So, I know this is a weird thing to ask in the blogosphere, but would anyone want to join a fantasy football league comprised of bloggers? I love my fantasy football and in fact I got my start blogging with my own fantasy sports site in 2005.

Image property of the National Football League

I like most of you people and I like fantasy football so I thought I’d combine them. If you’re interested, just say so in the comments. The first either 9 or 11 people that comment will be in. Not playing for money, just fun and bragging rights.

Caution! This Post Contains Fantasy Football

I’m not kidding. This is really about fantasy football. It may seem like a departure for me, but believe it or not, my online writing career began with fantasy sports back in 2005. I wrote for several websites and a magazine and even got paid for doing it.


Over the last couple weeks I’ve been listening to the satellite radio SiriusXM’s fantasy sports radio channel. A frequent guest on some of the shows was a guy named David Gonos. He talked about a new fantasy football book he had published that he was selling for $5.00 as a PDF download from his website. My first thought was, “I’d like to read that book.” Yes, I do know that fantasy football is just the sports nerds version of Dungeons & Dragons. (joke credit to Rich Eisen) My second thought was, “I’m not going to pay $5.00 for a PDF. Why the hell didn’t he just put it on Amazon so I could download it to my Kindle?”

So I looked him up online, e-mailed him and expressed my second thought much more tactfully in the e-mail than I thought it. Long story short, I spent the weekend e-mailing with David Gonos and helped him get his book in the Amazon store.  If you or someone you know is into fantasy football I highly recommend this book. It is a GREAT resource with tips and strategies from over 50 experts. The information in it isn’t just applicable to this year either. You can use it again and again as you prepare for and play your fantasy football seasons. Also, David was a really nice guy who wasn’t offended that a random guy contacted him to give him advice. I believe nice people should be supported. If you play fantasy football here’s the link to his website: DavidGonos.com and here is his book on Amazon: 101 Fantasy Football Tips. If you’ve got SiriusXM radio you can listen to him as the featured guest on The Fantasy Funhouse on channel 210 sometime between 9:00-11:00 EST tomorrow.

See you tomorrow morning for Top Ten Tuesday! ~Phil