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Fame! I’m Gonna Live Forever!

When I was a kid I wanted the world and everything inside. Now that I am older I just want friends to come along for the ride. I used to dream of being famous, being the one everyone loved. Everything that I have now is more than enough.” ~ from the song “I Won’t Grow Up” by Nothing Personal


The current age of social media has made everyone famous for 15 minutes, even if it is only among our peer group. When I was a kid our everyday accomplishments often went unknown to the world and we dreamed of being “discovered”, of being famous.

One of the ways we thought we might find our fame and fortune was to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. As kids my friends and I eagerly awaited the new World Records book each year just to look at the pictures of the longest fingernails, heaviest twins, and the tallest man. We even tried to break a few records ourselves. I remember attempts at world records including standing on one foot the longest, hitting a ping-pong ball back and forth the longest without a miss, and catching the largest stack of coins off of your elbow.

Nine years ago Guinness started the annual tradition known as Guinness World Records Day. This year that day was Thursday and there were some entertaining oddities among the attempts including Most Upright Bottles Walked Across and Most Darts Caught in One Hand in One Minute both set by this guy:


Also there is a new record for Fastest 100 Meters Run on All Fours


And who doesn’t love the bee guy?

bee guy

My point is, at some time in our lives we all dreamed of being famous, even if it was for something stupid. As far as I’m concerned, that stupidity should be celebrated as Guinness does every year. When you were younger, what record did you want to break? How did you want to attain fame and fortune? Please share your response by scrolling to the top of this post and clicking on Leave a comment right under the title. Please help me achieve my world record for best blog ever by hitting the Facebook and other social media share buttons below the video that I included for all the old timers reading:

Have a great Saturday and come back Tuesday for a special Phil Factor. Also, next Saturday will be my annual Sexiest Man Alive post.