Father’s Day!

Yesterday I was preparing to undertake one of the most father-like tasks a man will ever do, when my eldest mini-me approached and asked me if he could learn how. No, it wasn’t the act that made me a father in the first place, it was mowing the lawn. So I taught him how to start the mower and showed him how I wanted it done. He then actually cut my lawn for me. After completing his task he promptly came to me and asked for money. I said, “Since it’s Father’s Day, shouldn’t I get a freebie?” (I also said the same thing to Mrs. Phil the night before) My son, in all seriousness, looked me in the eye and replied, “Today’s not Father’s Day is it?”

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  1. I’m glad your father’s day was so “special”. What a cute kid ya got! So how much did you give the little bug anyhow?Lois Lane

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