The Patron Saint of Real Estate

I’m not kidding. There really is a saint who is supposed to help you sell your house. At this point I’ll take help from anyone. Someone informed me that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard, your house will sell faster. There’s even a book called, “St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent.” I haven’t gone to church in years, so I don’t think any Saint is going to want to help me sell my house. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Saints were actively trying to block my sale. Maybe this house is my purgatory, or hell for eternity. It seems to me that burying a religious statue upside down would be more of a Satanic practice. If Satan wants to help sell my house I’m fine with that. He could even have a commission. I’d even sell it to Satan if he met my price. It has a finished, walk out basement. I think he’d like that.

6 responses to “The Patron Saint of Real Estate

  1. Maybe if you buried your useless real estate agent upside down in your yard you would have more luck, if you even have an agent. If you don’t maybe you should find one and then bury him/her. I don’t advocate violence so maybe find one that’s already dead or one that doesn’t mind being buried upside down alive.

  2. LOL – Cassie if that would help to sell a house then I might give it a go hehehe. We have a not so good Estate Agent who we’re dealing with at the moment and I’m very tempted to bury him upside down – anywhere in fact.

  3. I would TOTALLY sell my house to satan….

  4. roflmfao @ Cassie…too funny!Hmmm how bout i stand upside down in my yard and send “selling thoughts” over to NY!znkyannh

  5. Princess, you’d sell him your house. What about your soul? Or has he already got that?

  6. …LOL…the devil cant live in my soul….there’s only one bathroom, and no closet space!

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