I’m Off For The Weekend

It’s the Labor Day weekend and I’ll be gone until Monday. Why do they call it “Labor” Day when everyone takes the day off from work? That makes the name of the holiday ironic and an oxymoron. Doesn’t the word “oxymoron” sound like what you’d call someone who’s too stupid to figure out how to open their container of acne cream? Just to keep you all busy while I’m gone, try to find the only word in the English language with three consecutive sets of double letters in it. While you’re at it, look for words that rhyme with orange and silver. 1000 Phil points go to anyone who gets any of these.

7 responses to “I’m Off For The Weekend

  1. Phil-I am still laughing about the moron with the acne cream thing 🙂 hehe… I might steal that!-N

  2. Thanks Natalia. Feel free to use it, as long as I get a cut of the profits.

  3. It’s called Labor Day because us wives have to put up with an extra set of hands making a mess all day. Sheesh go back to work already.

  4. Mississippi?Oxy cream…oh good grief, I haven’t thought about that since middle school. You’re a nut Phil. Have a good weekend.P.S. I think your verification is harder than mine. Today it’s: fbkfkenf. come on now.

  5. Phil, i see you bowed to public pressure and put your photo back!Have a great long one!

  6. Hope you had fun! It’s Monday now get your ass back to blogging. 🙂Lois Lane

  7. The answer is bookkeeping. There are no rhymes for silver and orange.

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