Celine is French For Satan

*WARNING* The following may contain material that is offensive to Celine Dion fans and Canadians (not that there’s a difference).

Yes, I agree that the results of Hurricane Katrina have been tragic. On that point Celine Dion and I agree. After that point, however, I believe that Celine and I would come to fisticuffs. And believe me, Celine would be in for an ass kicking like no other. The arrogance and piousness of some celebrities just astounds me. Over the weekend Celine Dion used some television interview to criticize the U.S. government response to the disaster in New Orleans. Let’s see Celine….when was the last time you voted for our President? When was the last time you paid taxes here? What? Never? Then shut up. Sure Celine, it’s fine for you to make millions in CD sales and concerts in the U.S. How about we hear how much of that you’ve donated to the hurricane relief effort. Yes, Celine, I’m sure our government is just sitting back thinking, “We’ll get to that hurricane situation right after the holiday weekend. What? Celine is upset? Oh! We’d better get right on that.” Hmmmm….What’s the Canadian government doing to help the hurricane victims? Why doesn’t the Canadian government send some of their military down to help? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Canadian military consists of a bunch of guys in Dudley Do-Right costumes riding around on horses. The only reason Canada exists as a sovereign country instead of a suburb of Buffalo is because there’s nothing up there we want. Did anyone else see the live broadcast over the weekend where rapper Kayne West deviated from the script to criticize the government too. His partner on the stage at that time was comedian/actor Mike Myers. Did Mike say anything to interrupt? Nope, of course not. Mike’s a Canadian.

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  2. Ummmm, I think Canada is acutally sending aid in the way of supplies but other than that…I totally agree. It’s amazing how many people (who are not registered voters here)are criticizing and condemning. If you’re not going to help, then hush.

  3. HEY….we’re a peace loving country. And for Canada being a suburb of Buffalo….the only reason you dont want anything here, is because you already stole it. =)Please dont forget that the only time you ever tried to invade us, we kicked your ass, and won the war.Oh ya…i paid my taxes in the states…i lived there a LONG time. I wasnt allowed to vote even though I paid the same taxes as everyone else, My opinion didnt matter then either.And as for Celine dion….every canadian that I know HATES her. But then again, she’s french canadian….And the ONLY thing Canadians hate MORE than the French Canadians…are the Americans.

  4. Phil you raise some great points here. I have seen so many “Bush Bashers” in the news it’s just insane. Ok so i’m an aussie, i don’t pretend to know the good and bad of Bush, but given the absolute size of devestation, i don’t see how anyone in the presedential seat could have foreseen the potential loss of lives. Pointless blaming him, his one man, i’m sure his looking at the tragedy wondering wtf do we start?

  5. Phil-I get where you are coming from but living outside the US is not something that should preclude you from havbing an opinion on it. The US certainly seems to have not only opinions but plans for the rest of the world. How the rest of the world views us is radically important to our foreign policy. I understand that she is just bitching and I get your point abut celebrities…but we deserve most of the criticism anyway. 🙂-N

  6. So…does anyone know if she (meaning, Celine) did, in fact, make any donation to the relief effort?And, yeah, the Kanye West thing <>was<> quite uncomfortable for everyone involved. But, to his unscripted credit, that guy was FIRED UP, pissed at his own ignorance to the gravity of the situation, and willing to donate as much money as he could.

  7. I realize I offended many people here, but keep in mind I’m just making jokes here and trying to entertain. I just wanted to punch Celine for her holier than thou attitude. No one knew what a disaster New Orleans would be and thus had no way of being prepared. I have nothing against Canada. Coula country that gave the world Dave Coulier be all bad?

  8. Don’t make me come down there and kick your ass Phil. I’m a major f-ing star north of the border.

  9. Actually, they’ve got a lot of uranium there.I thought what you said was funny, but.

  10. I wasnt offended Philly…it’s all in good neighborly fun right? Although, Now that I life in windsor, you’re not really my neighbor anymore. LOLAnd yes, Celine dion did send a huge check down there for relief efforts….although in canada, It’s spelled “cheque” and “neighboUr”….but I never spell them that way, I spell them the american way. Grammatically, it sounds better

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