No, the title is not referring to how I felt after offending many bloggers and Canada with my last post. I’m thinking of situations in your life in which you definitely do not want to hear another person say “OOPS!” Oops is a very small word that can sometimes have very big implications. It’s not even a word really, but those four little letters can cause an unimaginable amount of immediate dread. Once while getting my haircut by a friend I heard her say, “Oops!” followed by a very nervous giggle. It was a free haircut. You get what you pay for. Once an oral surgeon actually said, “Oops!” while sticking a needle in the roof of my mouth, just before my blood spurted out on his scrubs. A time you definitely don’t want to hear “oops!” is when a medical professional is working on you. Especially if you’re a guy getting a vasectomy. I can imagine that would cause a bit of a panicked feeling. Obviously hearing “oops!” during sex can have many meanings. It can mean, “Oops I just leaned on your hair. Sorry.” It could mean, “Oops I just impregnated you.” Or it could means , “Oops I think I just bit off a part of you that you wanted to keep.” Some of you may even be familiar with the, “Oops, I thought I was kissing someone else.” Feel free to add your favorite “oops!” stories in the comments. This should be entertaining.

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  1. One comes immediately to mind. Last week a very prominant politician called a Premiers (equal to American governor) wife a “mail order bride”! OOPS! The lady in question is Phillipino, lived in Australia 25 years and is very academic. The politician in question has been forced to resign and tried to commit suicide. OOPS!

  2. Fencing with my Dad (an electric fence). “Justy, you hold this wire, got it kiddo?” “OK. Hey, Dad, wouldn’t it be a lot quicker if we just put this wire over…!!”(both in state of shock sitting on the ground, having received a nice wake up call)“Oops.”[together] “That’s why!”

  3. …Well you read my dentist story….That was pretty bad.I’d ALSO never like to hear “oops” at the gynecologist….I dont want ANYONE saying oops while they’re in that general vacinityALTHOUGH, once when I was having “relations” with this one guy…he went in the hole that you ask permission, WITHOUT asking permission…and I thought that was an oops. As it turns out, he intended it….bastard…LOL

  4. I think hearing oops from the gyno is much worse. I’m just sayin’!Lois Lane

  5. “Oops”, Is when you lean on the doorbell when trying to get a good nite kiss from Phil’s sister, and Phil’s mom comes to the door.Yes, this really did happen.

  6. Princess…lol,lol,lol! Sneak attack!!! ha, those are the worst…I’m hurting just thinking about it. Guys are NEVER to do that without permission. EVER.I hear Ooops during sex…only 5 minutes in and he was done. Oops indeed.

  7. Gooby is telling the truth. After taking my sister to the prom he pulled a Richie Cunningham and suavely leaned on the doorbell, thus eliminating his chance for a goodnight kiss.

  8. LOL, good one Gooby! I hope you’ve changed your dating style!

  9. I once sent a very personal email to the wrong person at work. Talk about an ‘Oops!’ 🙂

  10. Oops still sounds odd to me… when something bad happens… my first word is fuck.. not oops.-N

  11. Very smoothe Gooby!Lois Lane

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