Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

I’m pretty sure I have it. At least I have it on my drive to work each day. On a good day I’m generally a danger to myself or others on my morning commute. Especially since I got satellite radio. I have 30 pre-programmed stations and a little screen that scrolls the name of the band and song constantly. It’s hard to watch the road, especially when you add in my new found love, the cell phone. When I do have a good song on the radio and I’m not receiving any important calls on my phone, I watch other drivers. It doesn’t matter if we’re speeding along on the highway or stopped at a light. I’m always watching other drivers. I think my ability to multi-task while driving without killing anyone is pretty good, but I’m a rank amateur compared to some of these people. Here is a list of some of the activities I’ve seen other drivers engaged in while driving:

Of course there are the women applying their morning make-up. I have also seen a woman doing her hair with a curling iron while the car was in motion.

Putting in contact lenses seems to be a popular activity. To me that seems like a pre-driving thing.

Just yesterday I saw a guy flossing his teeth while driving at 60 mph. (That’s about 100 kph for you metric folks)

There are people who seem to have psychic control over their vehicles as they drive with a cigarette in one hand and a cell phone in the other. These people have a death wish. If their driving doesn’t kill them the cigarettes will. I can only assume that their using their cell phone to make funeral plans.

My all-time favorite was when, at 8:00 a.m. I saw an Asian gentleman eating corn on the cob while driving on the expressway. Eating while driving is no big deal,in fact I consider myself the master of that particular skill, but who eats corn on the cob at 8 a.m.?!!?

Anybody have any other good ones?

8 responses to “Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. I’m no fun..the worst thing I do is eat in the car…and I hate seeing guys open their door and spitting a big loogie. Ugh. So nasty.

  2. Ewwww @ linny’s remark LOL i agree…it’s gross.I have a sad one for you. A few years ago, fellow was chatting to his mother on his cel whilst driving,he had a head on, his mother heard EVERYTHING on the phone…….it hadn’t switched itself off obviously, it was under a seat, she heard the paramedics..ambulance, police, the lot 🙁

  3. hahahhaah…this post is exactly like one that I wrote a few days ago for my own blog…there isn’t enough space for me to articulate all that is wrong with some of the drivers out there…

  4. The stuff urban legends are made of…My sister does the whole make up thing but the poor girl has an hour commute and what else is she going to do? I think she’s taken to listening to books on cd. I have AADD while driving (maybe most of the time) because I always always always over shoot turns by one block, exit, whatever. Even when I am trying so hard to pay attention. It’s sad.

  5. OMG Michelle – how awful!I have to admit I occasionally consult a map while I’m on freeways. But only when I know its safe 🙂

  6. I once seen a driverless car cruising down the road. It had pulled out in front of me at a stop sign. About 30 seconds go by and I’m assuming the worst, it’s a kid, a 3 foot elderly person….etc. All of a sudden a head pops up out of nowhere and a burning ciggarette flies out the window. The guy had dropped his ciggarrette and continued to drive while he searched for it. Yikes!

  7. Kind of reminds me of when Phil drove the family car into a ditch just 30 yards from his home.

  8. I had to take my Satelite radio out of my car so I would not kill myself or anyone else. Now I have an iPod that I use in the car which is worse. I see people reading the paper while driving. That really scares me.

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