Can You Spare Some Change?

I was just wondering, when rapper 50 Cent was a kid did they call him 25 Cent? Also, when he gets old and gray will they call him Silver Dollar?

9 responses to “Can You Spare Some Change?

  1. Haha, that’s great. That’s the price we gotta pay for our nicknames!

  2. Oh my gosh. I’m going to pretend that I never read this post and Phil never made that joke. :0)

  3. Linny, what’s wrong with that joke?

  4. Puh-lease whitey! Once Fiddy Cent, always Fiddy Cent. Where do you get these crazy notions anyhow? Lois Lane

  5. TOOOOO Funny!!! You crack me up!I am not a fan of Rap Music.I don’t much about him, but I imagine he has plenty of CENTS and could use some common sense (based only upon the few interviews and sound bites that I have heard)!

  6. LMAO too funny. Hey Phil, i’m having trouble reading your posts. They appear ok here in the comments, but not on your blog. I wonder if anyone else is having that same problem?

  7. Dorkus Maximus lol-N

  8. Oh Phil, always the kidder.You know he will be just like P. Diddy and change his nickname a few more times.

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