Phil’s New Year’s Resolution No. 2

I, Phil, resolve no to watch any “Year in Review,” “The Best of 2005,” or “The Top (fill in the blank) of 2005” shows. I also resolve not to read any “Best and Worst of 2005” type news, sports, or entertainment articles in magazines, newspapers, or on websites. I know damn well what happened during the past 12 months! We all do. Unless you’re a coma victim, no one needs these shows or articles. Furthermore, I don’t need a television show or magazine article telling me what was important in the last 52 weeks. I think I’ll decide what I think was important to me during the last 365 days. And I am not voting in any sort of online poll regarding the events or movies of 2005. And for the sake of all that is holy, NO MORE NICK AND JESSICA UPDATES!!!!! Judging by the conversations of the women in my office you’d think that the Nick and Jessica break-up was the biggest disaster of 2005. If you mention Katrina to them they’re likely to give you a blank stare and ask if Katrina was the one who dated Ben Affleck right after J.Lo but before Jennifer Garner.

12 responses to “Phil’s New Year’s Resolution No. 2

  1. I think I screwed up by looking at The People Who Died in 2005 List. I hope I don’t see you on next year’s list either, Phil.

  2. OMG!!! too funny!! I totally agree, I am sick of Nick and Jessica….Tawnya

  3. They’ve already started with the “Tsunami Specials” down here, i can’t bear to watch or listen to it all over….too depressing.

  4. LMAO!What? You don’t feel heartbroken over nick and jessica’s breakup?😉

  5. Maybe you should consider writing a new sitcom. Your could pair your fascination with dying and the demise of the relationship of Hollywood Hotties Nick & Jess.You could call your new sitcom…“NEWLYDEADS”If you decide to embark on this journey, I want to be the first one to read the pilot script!

  6. Does that mean the Oscars too? I’ve never seen them, but I might watch them this year…i dont know. Whatever…LOL

  7. Ok..I guess your not interested in hearing who the most irritating person was in Entertainment this past year? 😉

  8. I am almost hesitant to say that I’ve been living under a rock and am not really sure who Nick and Jessica are.My mother asked me if I knew who they were the other day (me supposedly being young and hip to current events) and I couldn’t help her.

  9. But, sometimes the year in review is a refresher course… and years down the road, you can look at the list and say, “oh yeah…”

  10. I am SO glad not to have to hear ’bout Nick and Jess any more…Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!p.s.Any update on the Brangelina scene!?!LOL!!

  11. Oh come on…Nick and Jessica were huge!

  12. can i interest you in a list of the best blogs of 2005?

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