Phil’s New Year’s Resolution No. 3

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted everyone. The reason for that will be my post today. I, Phil, resolve to write more blog posts in 2006. That is, if I can. I didn’t have anything to post today. I just ran out of ideas. I’ve racked my brain for the last 3 days. I have no idea if my lack of ideas is permanent. It may be. Maybe I used them all up. I hope not. This could be it for The Phil Factor. You may be reading the last post ever. My brain might be empty. Well, actually, I’m sure many of you wondered if my brain had anything in it to start with. Who knows, maybe at the stroke of midnight my brain turns back into a pumpkin. If I’m lucky Dorothy will come along, take me off my post in the cornfield and we’ll go see that great wizard everyone is talking about. I hope I see you all on the other side of midnight. Happy New Year.

11 responses to “Phil’s New Year’s Resolution No. 3

  1. Be careful over there with the wizard. I heard his breath smells.

  2. Happy New year Phil!All the best of health and happiness in 2006.See ya next year 😉

  3. Happy New Year Phil, may the new year bring you many blog posts, health and joy :o)

  4. you have to keep posting even if you have nothing to say, you say it so well.Happy New Year!

  5. Phil, you are not allowed to quit posting because you just resolved to post more in 2006. In light of one of your recent posts, I feel compelled to tell you just one thing…SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!(ducking now….sure that you may be throwing something at me)

  6. First off Happy New Year!!! Second, I have tagged you to list 5 weird facts about you, so there is at least one more entry. and lastly, I used your blog in an entry, you can’t leave!!! Tawnya

  7. When I have no ideas for what to post, I go walking around in a public area…ie: the mall, grocery store…any store really. While I’m browsing, I pay attention to what people are saying and doing around me. I NEVER fail to come home with at least a couple of things to write about.

  8. happy new year. don’t worry about writer’s block. just listen to a sad song and it’ll all come back to you. it just has to be the right sad song. But not today of course. xx

  9. Ohh…this isnt your last post…you love us too much.

  10. A good start to the year and to keeping your resolution would have been to update the blog on the first day of 2006 ROTFL 🙂-N

  11. Happy new Year, Phil.Can’t imagine you having nothing to say. Maybe you should just do what I do … talk about nothing !!Good luck, take care.

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