Queer Eye For The Moving Guy

I’m ba-a-a-a-ck! My move is over and I finally have phone, cable t.v. and internet again. For a few days there I was living like the pioneers. Only 4 t.v. channels and a cell phone. Don’t let my chipper tone fool you, it was rough. Today I was jonesing to write so bad that I actually picked up one of those…what do you call them? Pens, I think are what my parents called them in the old days. Did you know that if you press one down on a piece of blank paper and move it very carefully you can actually form the same letters that are on the keys of your computer keyboard? I actually wrote out this whole post on paper that way while I waited to get my internet conection back.

Back to the title of this post, Queer Eye for the Moving Guy. I hired “professional” movers for my move. When you think of movers don’t you typically think of large, burly men who are big on brawn but short on brains? Strength without sophistication perhaps. My movers, Chad, Ernest, Walter, and Mover #4, did not fit the stereotype. As many of us bloggers who do run of the mill everyday jobs aspire to be famous writers, I believe that my movers aspired to be more than their laborous jobs allowed for. My movers seemed to fancy themselves as interior decorators. As the Fab Four were unloading the truck at my new domecile, a furniture delivery truck arrived to bring my new sofa and loveseat. Immediately Chad and Ernest were very curious to know why I had chosen a sofa and loveseat that were not a matching set. A short while later after the loveseat furor had subsided, Walter inquired as to my plans for all of the orange shag carpet that the previous owners favored. This was a question also later echoed by Mover #4. The previous owners of my new home also liked wallpaper. Alot. They liked it enough that their moving out of state may bankrupt the entire local wallpaper industry. Of course the Fab Four had comments on this as well, wanting to know which rooms would remain unchanged and which I would be redecorating. It would not have surprised me in the least if they had begun critiquing my wardrobe as I unpacked the clothes. Needless to say, I found their aesthetic commentary needless, but humorous. I’m not so sure that I would have received as many questions or raisd eyebrows if the real Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys had moved my stuff. (Incidentally, if the real Queer Eye guys showed up and wanted to redecorate my house and give me a new wardrobe I wouldn’t complain.)

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  1. Glad everything went smooth!

  2. Congratulations on moving to the new place. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to many more posts, now you are back on-line.Take care, sleep well in our new surrounds.Meow

  3. Strange, I do in fact think of moving men as big with muscles, no brains.Glad your moved in and back to blogging!

  4. Happy to see you are back in the 21st century. And I dated someone who once worked as a mover. Big muscles…yes…strong, indeed…and he was also working on a biochemistry degree. So, one never knows.-N

  5. Welcome back Phil! I know we were all waiting with baited breath for your next post. Glad to hear that you are connected with reality again. It would suck for you if you had to continue your use of pen and paper to blog for us…not to mention the postage for the numerous subscribers you would have to mail them to. Anyway, I hope that you and the family will settle in nicely and enjoy your new home!

  6. Teehee… heeheeheehee…So good to have you back, Phil!

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  8. Nosey people are so annoying…..maybe you should have said that you were planning on filming flashback porn on your orange shag carpet, and that you’re always looing for extras, were they interested?**There were SO many spelling mistakes in that post, I had to repost it. LOL!

  9. Omg !!! So happy to have ya back!!! That was funny….Did you really use::gasp:: pen and paper?!?! oh my!!!! Tawnya

  10. This is hysterical! I can just picture the Fab Four moving stuff and chatting about the decor. Too funny.Congrats on the new house…what ARE you going to do with the shag and all that wallpaper?

  11. 🙂 how funny!Glad you’re getting settled Phil.Maybe you should invite them back for their expert opinions on decor, and ask them whether your shirt and tie match n stuff.

  12. Welcome ” Home”.. 🙂

  13. LOL. Last time we used moving guys we just had a bunch of mexican men that didnt’ understand what the hell we were saying.

  14. Thank you all for the nice welcome back. I’ll try to keep up my posting and commenting.

  15. That was a great story. The Fab Four crack me up on TV… Anyhow, maybe those dudes who helped ya move in were hoping you’ tell them they could have your carpet and wallpaper. Maybe their roomies and dig redecorating there digs. Did they give you any advice as to where to put stuff? LOLLLLL Maybe you were secretly on camera for a new reality show or something. Anyhow, glad your back and moved in.

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