Hello Dali

This morning I woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Then I began my commute into the enormously mediocre city that I live near. Admittedly, I am a very curious driver. It’s not that I don’t pay enough attention while I’m driving, it’s just that I’m paying too much attention to my surroundings with very little consideration given to the fact that my surroundings and I are moving at 65 mph. “They” say that “curiosity killed the cat.” Chances are that the cat in question was driving to work much the same way that I do. I’m a people watcher. Even when I’m driving. Not a fellow driver goes by that doesn’t get a good once over from me. Most mornings I entertain myself by spotting the vehicular American Idol contestants or the people doing their crossword, drinking coffee, and talking on their cell phones all at the same time. Enjoyably, sometimes I spot friends and co-workers. This morning as I observed my fellow commuters, most of whom look as if they are walking the green mile, I saw an amazing license plate. It was a vanity plate. Most vanity plates have what the owners apparently assume are very clever names such as “HotMom12” or “IH8U.” The vanity plate I took note of this morning simply stated the drivers name: “DaliLama.” Maybe it’s just me, but I would have never guessed that the Dali Lama would drive a teal green Ford Contour. I always figured that he would commute to work on a camel or well…a llama. I also never imagined he would wear wrap-around sunglasses, but there he was.

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  1. I completely thought that I was the only one that did that. LOL. Nice to know I’m not alone.Ummmm. I hate to admit it…but I too could be a future American Idol contestant.

  2. LMFAO @ Dalai Lama riding a Llama to work!!

  3. You are not the only one … I pay too much attention to my surrounds, and not enough to my driving. Plenty of close calls, let me tell you !!! I just have to laugh at the people who have their fingers up their noses, digging to China, thinking nobody can see them !! Don’t they know their windows are made of glass … and they are see-through !!! What is it with that ??

  4. Funny stuff PhilSpeaking of llamas check this out:http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama.php I am so much the people watcher too!!! Some of the things I have seen I would never care to see again. Just yesterday, I saw a guy in the passenger seat of a car with his head tilted way back, looking in the mirror, picking a zit or something on his neck. I thought to myself that it was a very good thing he was the passenger and not the driver!

  5. I totally picture the Dali Lama in a green Ford Contour. Doesn’t everyone?? 😉

  6. funniest number plate I ever saw was driven by an eldery gent, it was a hotted up something or rather, and the plate read:“WOG JET”.We almost died from laughing!

  7. Justine, Since the rest of us aren’t from New Zealand, could you please tell us what “wog jet” might mean?

  8. The first line of your post sounds like a beatles lyric…LOL!!!

  9. If i may butt in on your query to Justine. A “wog” is a nick name derived waaay back to the early 1900’s in Australia. Back when there were no civil libertarians and do gooders telling what is politically correct. “Wog” was given to Greeks (melbourne australia has the largest Greek population in the world outside of greece) Italians and virtually anyone that migrated here from that side of the world.Used purely as a term of endearment with a touch of sarcasm thrown in….the aussie way!So people not from Australia would not understand how funny that number plate really is…….Justine that really is funny!!! I’m sure Justine can add more 🙂

  10. Michelle you are absolutely right.I am not from Australia, and I still don’t understand what is so funny about it, but if you say it’s funny then I am just going to trust you on that one. The only “wog” that I have ever heard of is a pollywog and I imagine we all know what that is (no humor in that one though). Thanks for the info….I was curious to know.

  11. Hey, you never know… don’t just go and assume. Hehehe.. 🙂-N

  12. Princess- It is a Beatles lyric. That was intentional.

  13. you know, i guess even he must keep up with the times!!! Tawnya

  14. I needed your humor today! I wonder what the people watchers watching you think? Oh – my MOTHER drives a teal Ford Contour! LOL

  15. Hey, Phil. Have you settled in comfortably in the new abode ?? Do you wake up in the middle of the night, wonder where you are, open the closet door instead of the bathroom ???? I think I need to tag you, too, for the 2×2 meme that I was tagged for. I feel that you need something to do 🙂Have fun, take care,Meow

  16. Meow- Yes, I’m settled in at my new house. I’m not getting lost or anything, but it doesn’t feel like home yet. I’m debating about whether or not I’ll do your tag. I’ve steadfastly resisted them thus far in my blogging career.

  17. Aaaaw, go on, be a devil 🙂

  18. Meow- Either you’re in another time zone or you’re cursed with waking up as early as I do.

  19. I’m in Australia, Phil, I am due to go to bed sometime soon (maybe !!)🙂

  20. Aaah! That’s right, you must be about 12-15 hours ahead of me. I’m just getting up.

  21. Have a great Saturday, Phil. Mine’s over … I’m going to bed.Nighty-night.Meow

  22. Hi Phil….I tagged Meow and she tagged you. Please play. It is fun to read. You never know you mightlearn something about yourself or at least make us laugh! I liked your post. I am one of those annoying women who put their make up on in the car. I wish I wasn’t….

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