Tag! I’m IT !

I’ve only been tagged once before and replied by answering the questions in a comment. This is not an open invitation for everyone else to tag me with anything they come across. I will respond to this one tag this one time. In typical Phil style however, half the answers will be truthful and half will be lies. It’s up to you to figure out which is which.

2 names you go by: Phil and Flip
2 parts of your heritage: Ukrainian and Welsh
2 things that scare you: Being buried alive in a box and meteors hitting the Earth, more specifically, hitting me.
2 of your everyday essentials: A massage and vodka.
2 things you are wearing right now: A smile and a goatee.
2 things you want in a relationship: Sanity and body piercings.
2 truths: 1. I’m Phil. 2. Everything is easier than you think it is.
2 of your favorite hobbies: Writing and rock climbing.
2 things you want really badly: To make a living writing and a Brazilian Butt Lift.
2 places you want to go on vacation: The Amazon jungle and northern India.
2 things you want to do before you die: I’m not going to die. Don’t even suggest that. It’s not funny.
2 ways that you are stereotypically a guy: I love to work on my car and my abs.
2 things you are thinking about now: 1)”Hey, cool. I got through this and now I can get away without posting anything new for another day.” 2)”With a bod like mine I can’t believe more women don’t hit on me on a daily basis.”
2 stores you shop at: Victoria’s Secret and the Dewey Ave. Smoke Shop.

The last question I omitted because it required me to tag two others. If you want to take this tag and do it on your own blog, go right ahead. Keep in mind, only half my answers are truthful. Sometimes I spilt the question giving one truth and one lie and sometimes I gave two truths or two lies. Maybe you can post your comments about what you think is truth or lies. If I’ve had enough vodka today maybe I’ll even answer.

17 responses to “Tag! I’m IT !

  1. That’s great, Phil, you took up the challenge. I feel honoured (or did you just want me to go away and leave you in peace !!!!). I won’t even attempt to guess which parts are truth and which are lies … got me thinking about Victorias Secret’s though … reckon you’ve got some pretty lacies under your manly clothes !!!Take care,Meow

  2. Truth…Lies…Whatever!!! It’s all good stuff Phil. It’s all about the entertainment value anyway! Thanks for the daily dose. :o)

  3. I know a guy named Phil that goes by Flip. Hmmmm….It think your a Flip too.Are you going to reveal the truths and lies in a later post or leave us guessing? I think I figured a few of them out.

  4. Damn Blogger weasels booted me off!OK where was i???Oh yeah, lmfao…Phil your one in a million!I reckon you could hold a contest, which of Phils answers are correct/false? Might be a few surprised readers out there!!

  5. We can all thank Meow and her Aunt Josephine for badgering me in to responding to a tag. Thanks KimWell Woman- I don’t think I will reveal the truth or the lies. Michelle- I was thinking of having a contest!

  6. You get a massage everyday? Man, I want your life. 🙂

  7. LOL at the Brazilian Butt Lift..lolGoodluck with your wishes. 😉

  8. Goatees are hot Phil! Watch out!

  9. That Victoria’s Secret stuff will look great on your freshly lifted arse cheeks – do post detailed photos won’t you!🙂

  10. Roflmfao @ Justine…..you just gotta love her!

  11. Brazilian Butt Lifts are hot.

  12. What’s a brazillian butt lift??? Does that mean you want to have sex with a man?

  13. Very telling stuff…if you are telling the truth, that is.-N

  14. Phil…you need to read my post “And you wonder why I don’t date” and explain that one to me please.

  15. Princess- Eeeeeeew! NO! A brazilian Butt lift is a famous plastic surgery procedure where they do something to change the shape of your butt.

  16. Natalia- You know I’m not big on self-disclosure on my blog, but there are a few little truths in there somewhere.

  17. Linny- I gotcha covered. Go check my response.

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