I’m Thinking Arby’s!

No I’m not. I’m repulsed by Arby’s. Specifically, I’m repulsed by their new commercials in which everyone is distracted from their work because of the big, glowing red, neon penis floating above their heads. Where is the public outcry about this? I cannot be the only person that has noticed it. If you’re not familiar with the commercials, imagine that picture on the left, but with the word taken out. Yeah, you see what’s left now. Everyone freaked out a few years ago about Hooters restaurants and their transparently obvious logo featuring the owls with very big uh…eyes. Why aren’t there some sort of conservative Christian groups picketing and boycotting Arby’s? Why hasn’t our Congress gotten busy passing laws against this kind of obvious sexual innuendo in commercials? And why aren’t there more commercials featuriing men distracted from their jobs because they have big, glowing red, neon breasts on their mind? At least that would be realistic.

19 responses to “I’m Thinking Arby’s!

  1. Hiya!Saw ya on Avonnahs blog and came in for a peek. I was impressed immediatly with your last entry! I hate that commercial too. It is an insult to mankind…lol 😛

  2. I did not see the penis resemblance. Until now. Thanks, Phil!

  3. We don’t have glowing penis restaurants here 😉

  4. Berly- Now that you’ve seen it you won’t be able not to see it everytime you see those commercialsMichelle- You don’t know what you’re missing.

  5. The people who MIGHT be able to do something about that are currently unavailable due to the fact they’ve got their faces stuffed with Arby’s burgers.Obviously!

  6. my penis does not look like that…am I weird?

  7. THis post reminds me of when Miss Ash used to eat meat….she had arbys for dinner one night, drank SO much, puked all night, and then when I was driving her to work the next day, I asked her where she wanted to eat, and she said “arbys”…I thought she’d never eat there again….especially after all the puking. I’ve never eaten at arbys….i hear it’s sick.

  8. Someone has too much sex on the brain…are you getting enough at home?

  9. Wow..I can’t beleive I’m typing penis..But your right..lol ..I never saw the commercial though.

  10. Hi Phil, we don’t have Arby’s here, so don’t know the ad … sorry. Wish I could see the ad, though, I’m sure I would laugh myself silly, after reading your post !!Take care,Meow

  11. hahaha never noticed that until i just read yer blog..damn.

  12. thank-you phil, the television was full of arby’s ads last night. thanks for pointing out what they are truly about…lol…

  13. Linny- No comment.Princess- If you’re a vegetarian, Arby’s is definitely not the place you want to be.Heidi- Don’t be so inhibited. Type penis all you want. In fact go ahead and type other intimate body parts. I think that could be very popular.Nicki and Doni- Welcome to my blog. It’s nice to meet you.

  14. WOW!!! I never would have viewed the Arby’s hat as a phallus had you not pointed it out. So are you saying that they actually may not be serving roast beef and possibly it could be “something” else…like maybe a Penis Po’boy??

  15. Your concern with phallic symbols worries me ROTFL-N

  16. Who said I was a vegetarian? I dont eat red meat or pork (and havent in almost 15 years), I eat chicken and fish. I dont like red meat and pork becuse of the taste….not for any ethical reason.

  17. I’ve never had Arby’s only because my dad calls them “Arby’s Rubberband Sandwiches”. I don’t know what he means, but I don’t think I want to find out, either.Yes, and, thanks for pointing that out, Phil. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it seems so obvious.

  18. Personally I think Arby’s is a rip off. I haven’t eaten there in years. The stupid commercials will now take on a whole new meaning when I see them from now on. lmbooooooo…..

  19. I know I am double posting, but I had an Arby’s flashback moment. When I was in High School, Arby’s was one of our hangouts. I do remember they had the BEST apple and cherry turnovers! I never was a fan of the roast beef though. Just thought I would share (not that you really care)!

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