A Question For You…

If a magic genie named Phil came to you and said, “I can give you one special power. You can have either the ability to fly, or the ability to become invisible at will.”
Which one would you choose and why?

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  1. Invisible….as long as my accessories became invisible too. I would put this power to complete personal gain, and be this century’s biggest theif. Id worry about flying…too many bugs to think about. I know what they look like when they hit the front of your car, imagine that on your face? No thanks.

  2. LOL! Very funny Princess.

  3. i’d choose flying. just for the feeling of total freedom.

  4. Make me fly…only because I’ve had dreams of flying. Not just once, but several times I have had these dreams that I levitate and float gracefully through the air and then zoom off when someone spots me. HMMMMMMMM….wonder what that could mean????? Do you know anything about dream interpretation Genie Phil?

  5. Actually Kim, I do know quite a bit about dream interpretation.

  6. Ugh…this is so hard. While I would LOVE to fly. I’ve become accustomed to modern modes of transportation…so I guess I would say invisible. Think about how much cool stuff you can witness that way.

  7. Flying. Save money on tickets!

  8. invisible… I would like to find out what happens when I’m not around

  9. I’d like to be invisible. I could sneak into a U2 concert and have front row seats. I could walk around naked when it was hot out. I could spy on people.

  10. Definitely invisible, although I would never spy on people I know. I might go on a world tour with a big celebrity or travel with the Duke basketball team. And if you’re invisible, you can fly for free. The best part would be the look on a cop’s face after he’s pulled you and walks up to the “empty” car.

  11. Invisible. Voyeurism rules.

  12. right now, invisible at will, you have read my blog…lol..ask me again in a few months maybe i will be ready to fly then.

  13. Okay Phil…you left me hanging on the dream interpretation comment. Care to elaborate??? Maybe your next post can enlighten me!

  14. First, I would tell the genie he sucks because what’s with restricting my options…it’s my wish. And what I really want to be is a human lie detector.But given the choices…I’d like to be invisible. Then I can be places and find out about the truth anyway. But it just takes more effort.I want a new Genie.-N

  15. I would pick flying. Simply because I believe I would turn evil if given the power to be invisible.

  16. Invisible for me. I live in a small town so when i go anywhere i usually run into past clients or their families…..makes me uncomfortable, specially when we’ve lost the case!

  17. I think invisible. So, I could see what happens and who says what when I am not around and also so I could go anywhere I wanted with out being harassed. You should see my blog now!! It is way cool, Jodi helped me with it. Tawnya

  18. I would fly. Man that would be so cool…what freedom….

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