The Cinco Razor?

When I was a kid my dad used to shave his face with a razor with a single blade right before he splashed on the Olde English Leather. Then when I began to shave I had a razor with two blades. Then in college they added the “lubri-smooth strip.” After that some company came up with three blades to lift and separate your beard. I think it was your beard they were lifting and separating, or was that why they invented the Playtex 18 hour bra. What happens to the bra after 18 hours? Does it turn into a pair of pumpkins at midnight or something? Anyway, now there’s a razor with 4 blades!!! What’s next, 5 blades? 6 blades? Or perhaps we stick our heads into some sort of facial food processor with 20 spinning blades? When will this madness end? It’s like some sort of Cold War arms race with razors where each company has to keep increasing the number of blades to stay one ahead of the other. None of these new blades is anywhere close to being as cool as those Norelco ads they used to show during the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Christmas special where the electric razor cruised through the snow.

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  1. I loved that commercial!!!! lol… I don’t know, maybe one day, they will figure out a way for your beard to not grow? Tawnya

  2. I Love using guys razors to shave *not my beard*….They’re so much better…theres this womens razor that has these metal strips vertically across the blades…those razors slice me to ribbons. Guys razors is a much closer shave. Love them.

  3. Guy razors are so much better. I shave with hubby’s and don’t have to shave for three days, mine, the next day.

  4. I loved that commercial! We always thought it was a Christmas special when it was actually just a commercial.

  5. I’m surprised Disney doesn’t have a Norelco Snow Ride. As far as the multiple blades, I picture the Wicked Witch of the West saying ,”The better to cut you with my dear.”

  6. Tigger- Isn’t that like the coolest commercial ever. I always wanted to ride in that razor.Princess- Thanks for sharing!Berly- Unfortunately, when we use our razors we still have to shave again the next day. Maybe it would work in reverse. If I shaved my face with a woman’s razor maybe I’d be set for three days.G-Man- Welcome to The Phil FactorGeewits- I totally agree. That would be a great ride if everything looked just like it did in the commercial.

  7. I just got a sample in the mail of a new razor that has 5 blades-4 on the shaving edge and 1 on the back for trimming. Don’t know why I got it, I have a beard and don’t do a lot of shaving. It sure is pretty though with all those gleaming strips of metal.

  8. I saw this episode of “Candid Camera” once where they were trying to sell a razor with 15 blades, or something like that. It was hilarious! The 15-blade razor looked ridiculous, and the reaction of people to this 15-blade razor was hilarious!I’ve always thought that, if I wasn’t a teacher, a great job would be to work for the prop department of “Candid Camera”. They get to create the craziest inventions. 🙂

  9. Does not compute down under!

  10. I so do not want to hear complaints about anything that has to do with shaving from men.All you have to do is shave your face…and only if you want to… some guys look great with a shadow. And even if you don’t look great, it is still part of the socieal norm.Women have to be hair-free everywhere, except for our heads, where we are to have a fabulous mane, while men can be bald.Start to see a pattern of subjugation? SAY NO MORE.-N

  11. I use guy’s razors when I run out of nair. 🙂I luv that comercial too!

  12. I haven’t seen those razors with four blades. You’ve gotten me curious to try one.

  13. madness!

  14. facial food processor?? that is great made me laugh!!

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