Some Random Thoughts

1. So a priest, a rabbi, Phil, and the Prophet Mohammed walk into a bar. The bartender says…

2. Women all over the United States are accusing their husbands and boyfriends of being homophobic because we won’t go see Brokeback Mountain with you. Talk about a double standard! When was the last time any of you would watch a lesbian movie with us?

3. The Biathalon is not an Olympic event. Skiing for a while and then shooting things sounds like terrorist training for Nordic countries.

4. With the success of Brokeback Mountain and shows like “Will and Grace”, gay characters are becoming so popular that even children’s movies are getting in on the action. There’s now a new kid’s movie called Bi-Curious George.

5. Two months ago I had no idea what a Blackberry device was, and now I feel like I can’t live without one.

13 responses to “Some Random Thoughts

  1. Sorry if I’m naive (or stupid), but what’s a Blackberry Devide ???

  2. So, did you go see Brokeback Mountain?I don’t like the Blackberry’s. I am more a paper kind of girl. And believe me, I tried. I bought 4 of them and sold them all on eBay. You know me. 🙂

  3. ….I had a blackberry….I couldnt figure out how to use it, and gave it back to the person I got it from.

  4. Does Mulholland Drive count as a Lesbian flick? Cause I watched that with Hubby. So he should go see Brokeback with me, right?

  5. Funny stuff! I found your blog through someone elses, and find it quite enjoyable!Now onto what I find to be most interesting….. how the heck did you not know what a Blackberry is???Good luck on your writing endeavor with the publication!

  6. Ahh good ol Blackberries 🙂 They are becoming huge here too Phil. Sales reps are all walking round with them. Personally i’ll stick to my PDA 🙂

  7. Meow- A blackberry device is a handheld thingie on which you can send and receive e-mail. You carry it with you like a cell phone. Leighann- Why didn’t you tell me you were selling all your Blackberry’s? I would have bought one!Princess- Did you get your Blackberry from Leighann?Berly- I’ve never seen Mullholland Dr. ask your hubby if it qualifies. He’ll tell you.Erin- welcome to The Phil Factor, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for the good luck.Michelle- I don’t even have a PDA. Damn!

  8. 1.Would love to hear the punchline to this joke.2.I haven’t seen Brokeback, and honestly don’t have much of a desire to.3.Watching Olympic skiing events on television is not my idea of a good time. I only enjoy the ice skating.4.I won’t touch this topic with a ten foot pole.5.Blackberry is just another tracking device.

  9. I’m trying to hold off on the Blackberry craze. So much of it seem to be based on status more than anything.But take that with a grain of salt. I’ve had an iPod for over 3 years and am a complete fanatic about them.

  10. Hehehe…the bar joke 🙂-N

  11. They’ve got a pink one now….on no. Wait. That’s the Razor. Oh well. Whatever. I want a pink one.

  12. A pink what Linny? ; )

  13. Love your writings…you’re very humourous!btw… brokeback mountain is more then just a gay cowboy movie…

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