To Blog or Not To Blog? That Is The Question

I have nothing pithy, witty, or thought-provoking to say. Should I say anything at all? Or should I just let my blog sit silent for another day? Random ridiculous ideas, notions and whatnot usually pop into my head on a fairly regular basis, but I’ve had nothing of the sort for the last 96 hours. As you can see, my last post was just a few scraps left from the feast of absurdity that usually is happening in my mind. (I hereby copyright the phrase “feast of absurdity in my mind.” That was a great turn of phrase, wasn’t it?) Today, nothing. Is this it? Am I tapped out? Has what I once thought to be a bottomless well of silliness run dry? Do I have a tumor that has slowly been eating the part of my brain responsible for idiocy? That could be both a blessing and a curse for me. I don’t have writer’s block. I’m writing other things elsewhere, I just can’t think of anything funny here today. I have humor block. So, I decided I would write anyway. It’s like driving at night with my headlights off hoping I find the road. Please don’t leave my blog for good though. I may become inspired once again soon. And besides, if you don’t come back, the rest of us will make fun of you in the comments.

15 responses to “To Blog or Not To Blog? That Is The Question

  1. As usual , even if your blog is explaining you havent an idea for the blog it is like music, flowing , intertwining and enjoyable , oh!as far as car poolong LOL you can pick me up on the Highway , Trans canada that is , to far? I understand. great reading you πŸ˜‰Greeneyes

  2. Car pooling LOL I really need spell check sign!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Green-eyed- Thank you for the compliment. I was hoping my rambling about nothing would turn into something. Being in NY I’m not too far from Canada. You’re not all the way over in godforsaken Edmonton or something are you?

  4. When I find myself without ideas, I just ramble on until the post turns into something. It’s easier to go from there.But I know you feel. Lately I’ve been kinda down and when you’re down, it’s hard to find something funny to say.

  5. So I’m off to another ” planet” should be interesting..Thanx for your input πŸ˜‰Btw I agree with Cinthia if your down it is hard to blog without overly venting. That’s why I started my ” never ending story”.Phil..Even u blog one word or sentence no pressure to always find something to say.

  6. oh hell, everyone is too easy on you !!! Me, I’d tie you to an featherhill, tickle you with ants and subject you to both the chinese 7-up torture (water is much too expensive these days) and the grizzly removing of fingernails (I TOLD you not to wear those sally hansen press-on nails) until you remembered where you left your funnybone……..Ve haf ways ya know

  7. Even when you blog about nothing, it is amusing. Don’t be too hard on yourself … maybe you are thinking too hard !!! A blog is all about fun, not pressure. Take it easy, take care, Meow

  8. Phil – here is a little inspiration gleaned from the first line of your blog – I’m sure it will inspire you to greater heights of humor – if only in the realm of relentlessly making fun of me…Love from – West Side Story and AmyI feel prettyOh so prettyI feel pretty and witty and gayAnd I pityAny girl who isn’t me todayI feel charmingOh so charmingIt’s alarming how charming I feelAnd so prettyThat I hardly can believe I’m realI feel dizzyI feel sunnyI feel fizzy and funny and fineAnd so pretty Miss America can just resign

  9. Ohh….even when you have nothing to blog about, you come up with that. LOL! You’re fun

  10. How could we leave you for good darling?We can’t I tell you!!

  11. “feast of absurdity in my mind.” I will have to remember that one…I usually refer to it as a “brain fart”, but I like yours much better!!!

  12. must be something in the cosmic climate creating writers block, i am tapped out of creativity. hope it comes back to you soon, that headlight game that you play sounds a little scarey.

  13. I just stumbled upon you, I have to agree. If your “nothingness” is clever, I can’t wait to read your “somethings”.~ Fab : )

  14. Officially- Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the phil factor

  15. I would never leave you!!! I love this blog, you make me laugh when I have nothing to laugh about. Thank you so much for that. Tawnya

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