The Vicissitudes of Verification

Is there anything that makes you feel dumber than failing the word verification test when you’re trying to leave a comment? All you have to do is copy 5 or 6 random letters. How hard could that possibly be right? Apparently plenty hard judging by how often I screw it up. It’s not my fault! The letters look all wavy and you can’t tell if it’s a lower case j or i. It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between two V’s or a W. That just isn’t fair! And nothing is as embarrassing as failing the word verification test when you’re trying to leave a comment on your own blog. That’s like having trouble trying to unlock your own front door. You realize you’ve hit rock bottom when the Blogger word verification system takes pity on you and gives you a no-brainer like “dog” for your word verification. At that point you are literally being mocked by a machine. They say that computers can’t think, but I believe that heard mine laugh at me once. If this keeps up I’m afraid that my high speed internet connection will be revoked and I’ll have to go back to dial-up. That’s like riding the short bus to the internet. Go ahead, leave comments at your own peril. My computer and I will be laughing our asses off.

15 responses to “The Vicissitudes of Verification

  1. I seem to fail more and more these days. I don’t know what’s going. Sometimes I’m sure I passed, and still it tells I haven’t! Pah!Let’s see if I’ll pass this time. Here it goes…

  2. I fail them all the time….Its the reason I dont have them on my blog.

  3. hmmmm think it is old age catching up with you, better have those eyes checked 😛 Although I rarely have a problem, although your word verification spells “badscsd” which I can translate into bad excuses 🙂

  4. Hey lookie here, i ride that short bus!

  5. Why do you think I took it off mine!

  6. I took it off mine, for that very reason. Don’t know if you take notice of the letters, but sometimes they are some very funny words !!Happy verificating, Phil. Take care, Meow

  7. Haha, I just posted about this same topic tonight – Cinthia just told me to check your post out! I’m at:

  8. I hate being outsmarted by a freakin machine, but it happens to me all the time. I can hear giggling in the background right now.

  9. Priceless. Not only do I consistently fail at word verification, but I often find that the words presented are obscene. I shit(ha)you not. My computer is actually swearing at me! ~ FAB : )

  10. You’re just having a rough ol’ time over there…aren’t you!p.s. my word is zcecazcu.Let’s hope I get it right!

  11. First of all, how dumb do i feel for not knowing what “vicissitudes” means..ugh..“qvidclwe”here’s my word..Lets hope it goes swear to you not to long agao I had a word verification “pooass” Nasty! lol

  12. My word on this comment is “wkkdufi” and I fail them on occasion too, because i am always thinking about the next thing to do…. Tawnya

  13. Erm…all of yesterday I was unable to post because of word verification. The same word kept appearing over and over… Anyway… I wanted to know which blog entry you wanted me to look at. I got so distracted with the move and I didn’t want you to think that I had completely forgotten about your email. 🙂-N

  14. Natalia- You being a college professor, I was interested in your critical opinion of The Door Parts 1 and 2 from February 26th and 28th. Those two posts are part of my first attempts at straight fiction writing.

  15. I fail over and over again. let’s see if I can get it right this time.

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