You’re Smarter Than I Thought

Congratulations Lonely1. By reading virtually every post I’ve ever written you figured out my cell phone number from an old post in which I actually posted it but later deleted a digit. I didn’t figure anyone would read the old posts, or bother to go to the trouble of several wrong number combinations until they actually hit upon my number. That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have posted it in the first place. No one was reading me at the time, so I figured it might be funny to see what kind of nutjobs would call me up and leave a message. For those of you who haven’t read me from the beginning, I had a fairly regular rant about annoying cell phone people. Then I received a really nice cell phone as a gift. The fact that my stalker has my cell phone number is no big deal. Cell phones are so cheap as to be disposable. I’m just going to get a new number. More disturbing is that recently one of my friends innocently enough mentioned the city I live in in one of their comments here. At the time I thought nothing of it. Unfortunately stalker took note. That’s a little more disturbing. I am not responding to any of your e-mails and will only resort to mocking you here so you realize what I and others think about people like you. I’ll get you eventually. I am currently going through yahoo where your e-mail is and they will trace it back to your ISP and then you. Then let the legal charges begin!

21 responses to “You’re Smarter Than I Thought

  1. Dude…whoever that lonely person is… he or she has some deep issues. They could use a little (or a lot) of psych help.DAMN!!!!-N

  2. Did you just call me Dude?

  3. hey phil, this is obviously a total whacko you are dealing with…be careful…

  4. I promise it isn’t me, Phil! I love your blog, but not that much 🙂Lemme take care of this person, I’m gonna flush him down my loo along with my poo. He/she’ll love the ride.

  5. Little scary Phil. Little scary indeed.Be careful . . .

  6. Hehehe.. I did…it’s become a thing with me… but it was more like a general dude than an addressing you dude…get with it, dude, and

  7. Dude!That totally sucks!

  8. I mean wow, I haven’t checked in on the Factor for awhile…whoa.Geussing by the last 4 posts something serious has been going down.Okay, okay! So, yeah, Phil. I have something to confess. It was me. I’ve been secretly in love with and your blog for some time now. Sniff sniff. And now you’re gonna just throw everything we had together away? In the words of Glen Close, “I will NOT be ignored!”Back to reality:Hope it blows over soon. That is way creepy. I’m sure they’re harmless, but still. Better carry around some mace! deb 🙂

  9. Phil, This is really a drag to have your privacy violated by someone who is so obviously needy and disturbed. I am wondering what the point for her is…obviously you (or anyone in their right mind) would respond to someone like this….I hate to say it, but I feel sorry for her (assuming its a her) and hope she gets help. They say people need to hit bottom before getting help – maybe legal action against her is what she needs. Dang, really creepy.

  10. They’ve got your number? Holy shit. I’m emailing you now…I need details.

  11. Stop feeding their ego….

  12. Dang, if being a wild-eyed stalker gets ya this much attention, perhaps I should go get my stalker’s license.. eh, too much work..I’ll just continue to be openly bizzare…sneeky takes entirely too much energy ..

  13. Wow, Phil … that’s pretty scary. Try and be careful, won’t you.Take care, Meow

  14. When I read your first post about this, I was going to make some inane joke like “At least you have readers!” Then I realized that it’s not funny. Good luck getting this resolved.

  15. I guess that’s the price of fame. First letterman, now you.

  16. She’s nucking futs man.Good Luck with it.Be careful.

  17. Why did you post your cell number? Come ON!!! You work in mental health. Have you learned NOTHING? LOL!!!

  18. Phil have you installed Statcounter? it shows you their ISP and city. http://www.statcounter.comxx

  19. Phil…all kidding aside, I am really sorry that you are having to deal with this. I really hope it gets resolved quickly!! I would really miss my daily dose of Phil if you had to shut this down. I hope that doesn’t sound “stalker like”. Much as I love your blog, I can’t imagine tracking you down to get it.

  20. Hey Phil-I think we’re all hoping that you have a new post soon. I would hate to see some psycho ruin all the fun for us, not to mention for you. Let us know you’re alive and well and not tied up in Kathy Bates’s basement…

  21. Princess- No one was reading me at the time. Believe it or not, only two very nice people left me phone messages. Now I wouldn’t dare do it.Chloe- Yes, I have Stat Counter. It’s not much use with about 50 people a day hitting my blog. Like I said, Yahoo doesn’t want the bad publicity, so they shut down these nutjobs as fast as they can.

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