The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Man

As a public service announcement I am providing the following information: Men are like goldfish. If you put too much food in front of us we will just eat until we explode.

12 responses to “The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Man

  1. I couldn’t leave you with all the serious stuff below. I spontaneously said this at work yesterday in response to a woman complaining about her husband eating something she set aside for another purpose. To expect anything more is giving us too much credit.

  2. You’re right. If not properly supervised, I will eat anything within reach. Luckily I have a fast metabolism so the only bad result is a shortage of groceries. As for the serious stuff below… careful. Crazies are called that for a reason.

  3. LOL too funny! If you leave chocolate in front of me i will explode!

  4. ….Well…they always said that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach….I just never thought that meant that it was because his stomach blew open, and all of his vitals were exposed.

  5. Per catturare un cuore dell’uomo lei deve dapprima soddisfa il suo appetito ;~)

  6. Ha! I’ve actually put sticky notes on stuff in the fridge that I have bought to use in recipes. It says, “This does not have your name on it!”So when the hubster is rummaging around and asks..”Can I eat this?”I reply, “Does it have your name on it?” Yes I know. Women are cruel.

  7. Jessica, you are not going to make me go look up French are you?

  8. FRENCH? Good Gods man, that’ll get ya shot, or at the very least I will never cook my grandmama’s lasagna for you…….tis Italian…… To capture the heart of a man, one must first satisfy his appetites. ***sweet innocent smile***

  9. I think that relates to not just men … I agree with Michelle, give me too much chocolate and I will explode.Have a great week.Take care, Meow

  10. Jessica- Obviously I’m not a linguist, nor am I familiar with French or Italian.

  11. lol, ah well, you’re forgiven. ;~)

  12. You are too funny. True though.

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